We’ve Found The Only Way To Die From Weed

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Prohibition does it again. Get this, a Panama City man died after choking on a baggie of marijuana during to a police confrontation, of course the police tased him while he was choking. He was 23 years old and whats even better is someone got this on tape so there are no discrepancies in how this went down. That’s a damn shame.

Just after 2AM Friday deputies responded to a disturbance call at the Executive Inn on front beach road. They say Grande pushed a female friend. A camera crew from Zoo Productions filmed what happened when deputies arrived. When one of the deputies tried to arrest him they say he resisted and stuffed something in his mouth. That’s when at least one of the deputies shot him with a taser. They say he pulled the taser probes out of his body, that’s when deputies noticed he was choking.

Deputies performed the Hiemlich maneuver but could not dislodge the item. By the time EMS arrived, he was unconscious. One of the paramedics pulled a large bag of marijuana from his throat. He was pronounced dead at Bay Medical Center. “It’s a tragic situation for our officers, a tragic situation for this young man and his family. What started out to be a simple disturbance call, could have been handled by compliance by this individual, simply giving the officers the marijuana,” explained Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

I know you are expecting me to say the cliche, “well if weed was legal he would still be alive because it is stupid for him to even have to be hiding the fact that he’s smoking weed in the first place.” So I won’t even say it.  Check out the video.

What do you guys think about this story?

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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