What Dewey Cox Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Marijuana

Everyone knows about John C. Reilly, and his frequent appearances in Will Ferrell films, plus tha immortal turn as Reed Rothchild in Boogie Nights. But did you know about Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story? You did! Oh. Well, a lot of people never saw this film, and I’m basing that solely off the fact I never saw it (onanistic displays of cultural naivete is a blogging staple). Plus, critics actually enjoyed it, which makes me think I should really rent it from blockbuster (HAH!). Any way, enough background, there’s a scene in Dewey Cox where they riff off the ludicrous myth marijuana is as bad for you as cocaine or heroine. I’m pretty sure they’re parodying the movie Ray (where Ray Charles wanders into the bathroom to discover his band mates shooting up heroine–but I could be wrong). Check out the scene after the jump.  


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Author: Tyrel

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