What Do I Do With All This Extra Smoke?

Recently up in Colorado people have been asking, what do I do with my surplus product. As most of you know, with a Medicinal Marijuana Card, individual patients are allowed to grow for themselves or sign over permission for a co-op to grow for them and have a certain amount of smokable cannabis at any given time, but what wasn’t thought out was how to properly regulate it all.

Like Ryan was saying in the video above, how is he supposed to know how much his plants are going to yield, he can’t know for sure if he is going to be under the legal limit or over the legal limit until harvest time. Then what is he supposed to do with the surplus, he followed the rules of maintaining his allotted number of plants but the end result gave him more then he’s legally allowed to have.

This is a very “hazy” line that could end up good or bad for patients and collectives. People need to realize that current regulations are ineffective and have the potential or  putting law abiding citizens at risk of breaking the law. One way I can see fixing this problem is to not put a limit on the amount of product you can yield but to just put a limit to the number of plants you can grow at a time.  Not a fool proof plan but it’s a start, the only real way to fix this problem is to just legalize it.

Read the whole story over at Daily Camera

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