What is the Cannaroma Cannaisseur Collection

Cannabis Sensory Training? ­­ You Haven’t Smelled Anything Yet!

There are many different reasons why people explore cannabis, but there is one common thread: people want to have the pleasurable, therapeutic experience they are expecting to have.

They want consistency.
Cannaroma and its new product, the Cannaroma Cannasseur Collection, are working to make that a reality.

The Cannaroma Cannaisseur Collection (CCC) is a sensory awakening kit designed to test, train and refine one’s ability to truly appreciate the nuances of cannabis.The CCC promises high­ definition sensory access to cannabis.

There are many more layers of complexity to cannabis than most people realize.

Out of that complexity, unique strain­specific effects arise that may be mapped to the aroma and flavor compounds present.

The human nose and palate are miraculously sensitive to minute differences and are capable of
sensing these compounds, if trained properly. The CCC is the first step in that training.

Cannaroma itself began over five years ago as a conceptual project within The Werc Shop, an analytical and research organization focused on botanicals, which aimed to understand precisely which components in cannabis might be responsible for “entourage effects.”

Through analyzing several strains of cannabis, the team of scientists at Cannaroma were enthralled by the complexity of compounds present, especially in the terpene region.

It seemed that cannabis was capable of producing a greater diversity of flavor and aroma compounds than almost any other plant in the botanical world.

Despite this richness, the language being used to describe this vast complexity by most patients
and adult users was rudimentary. Descriptions mostly started and stopped at overly broad descriptors like “skunky” or “dank.”

Or in many cases, sensory descriptors were bypassed altogether in favor of phenotypically­derived terms, such as “indica” and “sativa” that were meant to be a proxy for specific effects, such as “sedating” or “stimulating.”

Realizing that there was an enormous divide between what the human nose and palate are capable of observing and what the human brain has given attention to relating to cannabis, the
team began to understand that the very coarse descriptors (e.g. “indica” and “sativa”) were of little utility in actually mapping the composition or physical attributes of cannabis to the effects

Instead we found that the limited vocabulary was causing confusion.

These are two inter­connected challenges.We thought that by creating a sensory training kit focused on compounds found in cannabis, analogous to what had been done with wine and beer teaching aids previously, we could help awaken people’s senses to the unique components found in cannabis.

Then as sensory awareness blossomed, we thought linguistic diversity would bloom in tandem.

Ultimately, when patients and users can taste the individual components that are present in different types of cannabis and correlate that knowledge with the effects that they experience, we will have an empirical means of mapping the constituents of cannabis to the array of different effects people experience with cannabis.

The Cannaisseur Collection creates a multi­modal learning experience that introduces people to the smell, taste, and other­than­cannabis botanical whereabouts of each of 9 pure terpenes that are commonly found in cannabis.

By becoming familiar with each one individually, we have found that it’s easier to recognize their presence in the complex mixtures present in cannabis

We include one complex “strain” blend in the kit to help trainees tease apart these components in a model mixture.

A budding Cannaisseur’s notes about what is in the blend can then be cross­referenced with a Certificate of Analysis for the blend, found on Cannaroma.com that shows the concentration of each kit component in the blend, as feedback.

The language acquisition component, the actual process of creating words to describe what is multi­sensorily observed, means that the CCC is much more effective when used with others. It’s also more fun when used with others.

Beyond that the CCC itself can be used as the foundation of a game or party and also in formal training settings for budtenders and patients.

Each individual kit comes prepackaged with everything you need to educate yourself and others on all of the often overlooked but exciting subtleties inherent in the cannabis experience:

● 10 Liquid Smell Vials – in emerald green glass
● 50 Specially­Designed Smell Strips – for optimal aroma evaluation
● 10 Vapor Taste Cartridges – 9 individual terpenes and 1 strain blend
● 1 Rechargeable “510” Battery and USB Charging Connector – compatible with many other types of cartridges, if you so choose
● 9 Instructional Cannabis Terpene­Botanical Photo Cards
● The Cannaisseur Companion – your guide to what’s in the box and beyond

A Tool for the Elite Cannabis Lifestyle

Although we always have problems pronouncing “sommelier” ourselves, we know there is a budding number of aspiring cannabis experts interested in anointing themselves as “Cannaisseurs.”

There are also patients and medical professionals that are seeking more
product standardization so patients and other adult­ users can achieve consistent results.

At the same time, there are those that do not have access to cannabis that want to know what all of the cannabis fuss is all about.

We think all of these different “wants” represent different parts of the proverbial elephant.

This group what’s to better understand the trunk. While these people over here are experimenting with the tail. And this other cohort is trying to find how to jump on top of it and take it for a ride.

We think the CCC helps to bring the whole elephant into focus and sheds light on all of its parts!

We believe that cannabis professionals and beginners are equally likely to find utility and gain pleasure from the CCC ­ it’s fun for everyone experientially, from the afficianado to the neophyte, irrespective of the cannabis knowledge base.

All that is required is curiosity about
what cannabis really is and what the senses are all about. That’s why we think that wine and craft beer enthusiasts would also be interested in the CCC.

They’re already familiar with
expanding sensory attention and have experienced the joy involved with wine and beer, so itwould be natural for them to explore other expansive experiential realms.

We also see this as an ideal way for those that are not yet privy to the world of cannabis because they live in an area of the world with slow­to­change cannabis laws.

The CCC offers a legal way for them to get a whiff of what they may only be able to hear and read about otherwise.

As the popularity of cannabis grows across the country and the world, consumers desire ways to educate themselves about what is new, special, and unique.

Currently, there are very few
experiential resources to enable that beyond walking into a dispensary or retail store, where available.

As a result, many purchasing decisions are being made based on the percentage of THC present, despite focus groups demonstrating that the types of cannabis that people prefer are almost never those that are highest in THC.

This behavior in the marketplace, impacts the strains of cannabis that producers grow and then what varieties are available. When the end­user can appreciate the variety, and are aware of metrics that actually matter to their enjoyment, the market will respond to deliver even more variety instead of less.

The more people trust their senses with cannabis, the more they will also have confidence in the connections between what they sense and feel.

And as long as they possess the language to describe those connections, cannabis scientists and breeders are better able to use that feedback to elucidate what causes different effects from strain to strain.

Since there is no way at
this stage to actually verify that the strain name listed on a product jar or package (let alone what your local “guy” has in regions where legalization is lagging) is what it says it is, we need to go deeper than the name­game.

Terpene fingerprints allow that.

This pioneering version of the CCC includes 9 of the most common terpenes found in cannabis.

There are hundreds of other terpenes and sensorily active compounds. There is also an almost infinite number of strain mixtures possible. We have included one strain blend in this version.

We continue working to discover new terpenes in different varieties of cannabis as we further profile the complex strain mixtures themselves. Future versions of the kit and booster packs are expected.

At its core, Cannaroma is a movement that seeks to better understand plants with the goal of both educating the world about their utility to humans, and fostering more appreciation for their
rich diversity.

The company is engaged in research to further this effort, the CCC being the first consumer product from the organization.


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Author: HMJ Staff


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