What Recession? People Care More about Legal Cannabis

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(Editor’s note: Sabs beat Tyrel to the punch with this photo of Obama toking a spliff from his 70’s days–the photo shown was his second choice).

During President Obama’s State of the Union this past Wednesday, CitizenTube streamed the whole speech on it’s site and opened up a google moderator forum so viewers could ask questions.  They tabulated the results and I guess people are really curious to ask him questions because around 11,000 people voted in four days.  My sample question for the President: “Which of your PR flacks let the press take this photo and are they fired yet?  The single biggest surprise from the responses would shock you except I am terrible at subtlety in my post titles.  Check out the results after the jump…

We’ve been posting a lot about the continued legalization of medical marijuana around the country, but Obama never addressed the topic in his State of the Union (we’re guessing it’s because Biden looked stoned already).  In actuality, it’s probably because he’s got a few other things to worry about (health care, Iraq, Afghanistan, jobs, taxes, jobs, and Sarah Palin’s continued blogging).  It was astounding to see the numbers though.  I don’t know what the sociological demographics are for this moderator forum, but it’s still strange to see these numbers regardless of who voted:

Government Reform-764 questions, 64,839 votes

Financial Reform-393 questions, 41,344 votes

Education-898 questions, 49,784 votes

Foreign Policy and National Security-1,170 questions, 69,329 votes

Energy and Environment-527 questions, 47,439 votes

Healthcare-883 questions, 66,329 votes

Jobs and the Economy-656 questions, 109,265 votes

Other (aka Marijuana Legalization)-2,406 questions, 195,198 votes

I’m sure we could write this off as being skewed since Other could mean people are actually asking about other things and not just legalization of marijuana.  We prefer to think that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe marijuana legalization is the single most important question facing the U.S. today.

Numbers via OhMyGov

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