What State Will Try And Legalize Next?

With three states having cannabis legalization measures on the ballot this November, it raises the question of how long before other states decide to take on the same initiative? Will Nevada be the next in line to legalize? Nevada has attempted to legalize in the past to no avail. But that doesn’t mean they have given up on the idea.  All of us that support full legalization are keeping a close eye on this year’s election. And we are wondering not if, but when will other states follow their lead and bring an end to prohibition at a state level? The three states involved for this November are receiving a ton of press. The spokeswoman for the Marijuana Policy Project, Morgan Fox had this to say about the pending elections: “If any of them pass, it will be the first time since the widespread prohibition of marijuana that any state pulled back; it will be a really big deal.”  It’s crucial that these measures pass in order to prove to the undecided and non-believers that the majority of Americans truly believe the war on drugs has failed miserably and should be abolished. (more…)

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    ErikG November 8, 2012 at 09:02

    I told you we could win this together! Great job voters!B)

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