What’s Cooking in Cali

There are multiple marijuana bills working in the California legislature.  Start with San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s Assembly Bill 2312, which would regulate medical marijuana at the state level instead of letting each California city and county take differing approaches to interpreting the law.  Ammiano has argued that uniformity and certainty are both needed when it comes to the attorney general’s medical-cannabis guidelines.
Next is Assembly Bill 2365 which would require all medical-marijuana patients to get a state identification card and register the address where they are cultivating marijuana—provisions that activists fear could make it easier for federal agents and prosecutors to target people. This bill would amend state code to require that family courts consider a parent’s documented use of prescribed drugs, including medical marijuana, in child-custody proceedings. That does not seem friendly.

Sen. Mark Leno has introduced Senate Bill 1506, that would make the crime of possessing concentrated cannabis—also known as hashish—a misdemeanor. Currently, hash possession can either be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, and a felony hash-possession conviction can result in a sentence of 16 months or two or three years behind bars. What’s wrong with legalization?

So some good, some scary. There’s much more at newsreview.com. But pot is being discussed, in a multitude of contexts, something which has not happened in a long time, if ever. Stay tuned, Greenies, and come out for cannabis.

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