How White Widow became the absolute All Time Classic strain

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It was the middle of nineties when Scott Blakey (aka Shantibaba) – one of the founders of Green House Seed Company, created a strain that was meant to write its own history.

White Widow is the hybrid, with that amazingly strong smell that can be traced from kilometers away, it is almost pointless to get hidden-just admit it and be proud of it.

Being a Cross sticky breed(thanks to an Indian Indica father) and smelly because of the Latin American sativa mother.

The reputation of this hybrid was gained slowly by word of mouth among Cannabis friendly tourists and friend who were visiting Amsterdam in the nineties. White widow became synonymous of a very potent strain. Let’s put that in a historical perspective: During that period of time the war on drugs was still going on and Cannabis was more or less demonized worldwide, with the Netherlands to be considered the only safe haven for all those people who just wanted to enjoy their favorite smokes without the fear of ending up in jail. Amsterdam had invested in this kind of Cannabis tourism long before the recent Cannabis Tours phenomenon that we meet recently in Colorado or Seattle become a trend in the USA. The variety of products(weed/hash) that were available at that time, in the Coffeeshops weren’t so many. When White Widow came out with a level of THC more than 10% that was certainly big news for all the fanatics. It did not take too long until Widow reserves a permanent place in the Amsterdam’s coffeeshop menus.

But how is possible a strain that is more than twenty years old to still be on the top ten list on the Amsterdam menus? What is the secret of White widow?

Is it her attractive appearance that keep all those tourists choosing her among other strains?

Actually, truth be told, this strain looks amazing (like sprinkled with syrup)-she is full of crystals.

But i don’t think that appearance is the main reason. White widow became an urban legend for several reason. Appearance plays a role and so is taste also-It’s fresh and sweet, combined with aromas of pine smell and fruits. Moreover It is a strain that is strong enough to please the experienced tokers but also impress the first timers. The fact that is a sativa dominant hybrid makes white widow the perfect match for holidays in Amsterdam. It gives a happy buzz in your head, fills you up with energy to do things, to explore a European city built on the water. You could have fun making jokes and spent your time talking with your friends. You can ride a bike, walk, visit museums and places. At the end you can also enjoy a sofa and your favorite drink It is a social kind of weed. A nice balanced energetic sativa that will lift anybody very high and then, after some nice and happy trip will offer you a warm sensational feeling (here’s where the Indica talks) making sweet the end of the journey.

The story behind that strain is the successful result of an inspired experimentation that was so successful that White widow seeds have set the standards for many other hybrids like White Rhino, Blue Widow and White Russian,(just to name a few). White widow has passed the most important test not only for cannabis but for every product. She managed to stay alive against Time and became an all time classic in a very competitive market.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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