White Widow Marijuana Strain

The White Widow Marijuana Strain is one of the most popular and successful cannabis strains used for commercial purposes in the market.  It is famous for the white resin layer all over the plant with wide green colored leaves. The smoke produced by this strain has a great flavour. It is harvested extensively for manufacturing the smoking products. Thus, it is in huge demand. 

White Widow strain can be grown quite easily. The plant can be grown fast in water and also in soil. The plant can grow flowers very fast within 8 to 10 weeks, which is good enough to produce enough resin products. The plant can grow pretty tall without much maintenance. The strain grows double at the time of flowering. 

The plant produces trichomes at the early stage and at the later stages, it is full of flowers. At the time of growing, the plant gives off a lemon-like sweet smell. The buds of the plant are very compact and tight. It is also very beautiful in appearance and regarded as the head of the white strain family. It is a type of female plant having a very high yield. The growers have hugely benefited from this business.

Latest update in the global market

Today, the white widow marijuana strain is extremely popular in the UK as well as the USA. Its growth is fully legalized and is a lucrative global trade. This huge global popularity is due to high quality, good flavour and sweet smell. The high yielding speed with a little maintenance cost is also the reason for its commercial success. 

Today, almost all the seed banks offer their own version of this female plant. Today, the smokers are leaned towards buying the White Widow strain smoking products all across the globe. Thus, the import/export rate of the product is very high.


White Widow strain can produce almost 20% of THC content. It has won the Cannabalis Cup in the year 1995. The smoke produced by White Widow Marijuana Strain is very good and smooth. It has the taste of pine or lemon with sweetness. Some of the phenotypes are also spicy/sweet in flavour. 

The smoking flavour gives the smokers an exciting feeling and keeps him in a high mood. The smokers would like to smoke more of this strain for enjoying the energizing flavour. It is better to smoke more with this strain during the day time. The smoker feels very cozy and warm with trippy sensation during smoking. 

White Widow strain is dominant in Indica. Thus, it gives a sweet, thick and acrid smoke. This smoke leaves behind hammering stone effects. The smoke is highly creative and relaxing with a peppery taste. The flavour is spicy along with smell of fresh fruits. High Supplies offers top quality smoking products made with this strain.

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Author: HMJ Staff


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