Who & Why of Cannabis Consumption

We’ve looked at BDS Analytics previously.  Now this premier company in cannabis’ re-legalized future is initiating a study into who buys and uses legal cannabis.  Here’s more:

“This will be projectable data. It’s going to be tracked over time so we can see not only where consumers are, but where they have been and where they are headed,” said Gilbert. “Among the questions we are trying to answer are, Why are people using marijuana? How does it improve their overall sense of well-being? Who is reaching out to marijuana to relieve pain and anxiety, enhance social interaction and even improve sex? How does it help older consumers deal with stress, anxiety, arthritis, depression and boredom? How does it affect alcohol use, and influence dependency on pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter pain relievers?”

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The work commenced with focus groups in Denver detailing everything from dispensary experiences to the reasons for consuming cannabis, including pain relief, sleep, sex enhancement, relaxation and exhilaration. Next, a quantitative trend study is launching in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California interviewing thousands of people. By the time the study is concluded in the early fall, BDS Analytics and study partners will understand more about cannabis consumers in legal marijuana states than anybody else in the United States. The work will continue, with detailed updates every six months.
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“Extremely valuable information about cannabis consumers has never been revealed and explored, which has put industry stakeholders at a disadvantage. The number one rule for all businesses is, `Know your customer,’” said BDS Analytics founder and CEO Roy Bingham. “As the cannabis industry’s leading market research firm, we decided to invest in serious consumer research on behalf of the industry. It is time for the many people and companies involved in this flourishing industry to get to know their customers.”

Learn more about BDS Analytics.

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