Who Would You Rather Smoke With… Curren$y vs. Wiz Khalifa

Shouts to Basset for “Who Would You Rather Smoke With” is like “Would You Smoke With” is where we come up with two celebrities, historical figures, or random people and you guys will vote and comment on who you would rather smoke with. These are not necessarily people who are verified smokers, it’s just a hypothetical situation. We want to hear from you guys so leave comments. If you have a suggestion for who we should smoke with, hit us up with it on twitter or send an and email to Lenny@hailmaryjane.com.

Two Modern Day Hippies not to mess with when it comes to smoking the finest herb, Mr. Hot Spitta and Wiz Khalifa. Both of these MCs have been at the top of my list as some of my favorites and Curren$y being my favorite MC ever. I been listeing to Hot Spitta since his No Limits days with Master P to his Young Money and today with The Jets & Fly Society. Wizzy Khalifa has been killing it sense Flight School, which I still bump on the regular, and keeps making some great Smoking Made Music. I personally think Curren$y smokes more buddah than Wiz, but what do I know. I would definitely smoke with either of these homies. They are one of the very few MCs that talk about smoking joints and Spitta has the roller in many videos. I l enojoy both of these MCs music a lot, but my vote goes to @CurrenSy_Spitta, sorry @WIZKHALIFA.

Here’s each of the two stoner MCs latest tracks. Before you make your vote, take a listen.

Curren$y – Breakfast Vs. Wiz Khalifa – Smokerface

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