Who Would You Rather Smoke With? Lil Wayne or Birdman

Who Would You Rather Smoke With” is like “Would You Smoke With” is where we come up with two celebrities, historical figures, or random people and you guys will vote and comment on who you would rather smoke with. These are not necessarily people who are verified smokers, it’s just a hypothetical situation. We want to hear from you guys so leave comments. If you have a suggestion for who we should smoke with, hit us up with it on twitter or send an and email to Lenny@hailmaryjane.com

Shout out to the dude that thought of this idea, sorry don’t know your name but thank you. Now smoking with either of these Big Dawgs would be amazing. Both would be smoking some of the finest herb around and you would be blazed for sure. Birdman seems like he would be more about just chillen and talking about the rap industry or how he is getting money from oil to being the CEO. I would love to sit and just talk about all those things with Stunna, but Weezy def. seems to be the more energetic smoker. I would much rather be standing, smoking a blunt with Weezy and banging out to his records or any hip-hop music. Just flowing with him such as he does in many videos you see him in smoking. To really see what I’m talking about I have two videos for you. One of Birdman in Amsterdam, which many people have seen, and the other of Wayne with Curren$y and the real and much better Young Money back in 2007. If you have never seen Lil Wayne and Young Money on the bus videos, you have been missing out.


Lil Wayne

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