Who would you smoke with Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?

Personally I think this is a no brain er. As I like both artist, I would have to run with Riahna because if it were to ever rain, I will have to use her umbrella ella ella eh eh eh. Can’t smoke wet weed right? I was also thinking that Nicki Minaj would look right thru me and smoke all my OG Kush. With all that being said, I will leave the competition to you greenies.

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Would You Smoke With” is where I come up with a new celebrity, historical figure, or random person and you guys will vote and comment on whether or not you would smoke with them. These are not necessarily people who are verified smokers, it’s just a hypothetical situation. I want to hear from you guys so leave comments. If you have a suggestion for who we should smoke with, email me at green@hailmaryjane.com

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Author: Budbama

Im Markyle also Known as Budbama. I am a nineteen year old student in the state of California. Im here to receive and distribute information for hailmaryjane.com.

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