Will 2016 Be A Friendly Election for Cannabis?

Overall, from the cannabis point of view, how do things look for the upcoming election?


“This is the most marijuana-friendly field of presidential candidates in history,” said Robert Capecchi, Marijuana Policy Project director of federal policies. “All of the candidates support legal access to medical marijuana, and most of them support making it legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol. Even the least friendly candidate agrees that states should be able to able to determine their own marijuana laws without federal interference.”

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party drew the highest A+ rating from the group because they both support legalizing marijuana for medical and adult use nationwide. Sanders got an A rating for his stance supporting states that want to legalize it. Clinton drew a B because she supports medical marijuana but wants more research done.

Trump got the lowest grade, but it was still a passable C+. He once supported legalizing drugs but has recently spoken out against such a policy for marijuana for adult use. He has said there should be access to medical marijuana and that states should be left to construct their own policies toward it.

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[image: libguides.madisoncollege.edu]

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