Will Canada Listen?

For over seventy years the United States has addressed the existence of some drugs by making the possession, use, sale or transport of those drugs a criminal offense.  When short jail terms failed to turn people away from drugs the government switched to long prison sentences.  It is safe to conclude, after more than seventy years of experience, that a criminal law approach to the existence of some drugs does not make people avoid those drugs.


The role drugs play in human evolution must be fundamental. Their power is greater than some government’s jail cell. IF, for sake of discussion we allow that the goals in the war on drugs were realistic, we may still conclude that the tactics used to fight that war have failed and continue to fail. Our friends in Canada may be about to follow American down the Thelma and Louise ride we chose for ourselves. They are about to launch an American-style war on some drugs.

A panel from L.E.A.P., Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is trying to advise the Canadian government about their decision. L.E.A.P. is a collection of present and former LEO’s who have seen the truth about the war on drugs. The Canadian leadership has made it clear they will not not hear this particular message from cannabis activists. So will they listen to a police officer?

One member of this group is Eric Sterling, who once worked as a lawyer on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. He worked there when America’s barbaric drug sentencing schemes were thought up. He was there when the wrong decisions were made. He has seen what those decisions did to the country while failing to fix anything. It will tell us a lot if he is accepted as having an informed opinion. Even money is he is dismissed summarily.

Sterling and L.E.A.P. are trying to spare Canada the pain and loss America caused itself. Will Canada listen? Canada has proposed doing exactly what has been failing in America longer than many people reading this column have been alive. We are talking about a government, here, and unfortunately governments want what they want. It may be that Canada wants to beat up pot smokers. We shall be watching.

L.E.A.P. may be new to you and you can visit them here. Mr. Sterling’s tale is well told on the Cannabis Culture website here.

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Author: DavidB

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