What Will Trump Do About Cannabis ?

What will the Trump administration do when it comes to cannabis policy?  Here’s an excerpt from a post on “The Hill.”   Thought you would enjoy this.


The new administration will have at least six options [for cannabis policy].

Shut it down. The administration could crack down on marijuana businesses in states that have legalized for nonmedical purposes . . . Shape the markets. The DOJ could use its discretion to shape what the market looks like in the legalization states . . . Maintain the status quo. Doing nothing—and sticking with Obama’s approach—is always an option. This would likely lead more states to follow Colorado and Washington and grant licenses to marijuana companies incentivized to maximize profits instead of protecting public health . . . Reclassify marijuana. The new administration could support rescheduling marijuana. Address federal-state conflicts. The new administration could maintain federal prohibition while supporting legislation or other solutions to address problems caused by the federal-state conflict. The administration could also support the creation of a policy waiver system that would make it easier and less risky for states to legally experiment with alternatives to the profit-maximization model, such as the state monopoly approach. Legalize it. The administration could support legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana at the federal level.
. . .
But if the feds don’t act, it is possible the United States could end up with a much looser and more commercial marijuana model than if the federal government legalized or created a waiver system.

With one-fifth of the U.S. population living in states that have legalized, the federal-state conflict over marijuana will likely only get more intense.

This one is worth a read. GO HERE and do just that.

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