Willie Randolph speaks about his firing…

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Willie Randolph didn’t deserve this. The Mets had ample opportunity to fire him if they wanted to. They could’ve fired him last year after their historic collapse. They could’ve fired him at any point this season when they weren’t playing up their level. They could’ve even fired him on Sunday before they made the trip to California to play the Angels but they didn’t. Instead they fire him in the middle of the night after things started looking up for him and the team.

Thats cold.

For the first time since the firing, Willie Randolph opened up to the New York Daily News about how he felt about the whole situation. Heres an excerpt:

He said it was time to make some changes, and I waited for him to talk about whacking Rick and Tommy, but he just kept talking, for a minute or two, maybe longer, about how the team was better than it was playing, about all the stories that were out there and the cloud hovering over the team.

As Omar went on and on, looking very uncomfortable, this weird chill started to course through by body. I could feel myself going cold. He kept talking, almost stammering, and the chill got worse.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that maybe he was talking about me. Maybe I was the one about to get whacked.

Finally, I stopped him. I looked right at him.

“Omar, are you firing me?” I asked. He looked away for a minute and then met my eyes. “Yeah, I’m going to make a move,” he said. “It’s a hard decision, but I have to make it.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Being a Mets fan myself, I can admit that I haven’t been happy about Willie’s performance as the manager but he definitely didn’t deserve to go out like this.  The Mets were very unprofessional about how they handled it.  I’m not the first to say that and I’m sure I won’t be the last.

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