Wisdom Wednesday: Soil, The Moonshine Mix

What’s good Greenies and welcome to another insightful Wisdom Wednesday from me, ThisBuds4You. This week we’re going to look at a special soil mix, a soil mix that does not require the use of nutrients during the plant’s grow cycle. That’s right. Use this soil mix and you will NOT have to use nutrients, just water every few days from the beginning of the plants life till harvest time. Sounds too good to be true, but lemme tell ya, it’s works with GREAT results. The finished buds are not as big as some hydro growing methods but this mix gave me some of the most awesome tasting buds I’ve ever had. It also saves a lot of time because you’re not mixing nutrients. This mix is also TOTALLY ORGANIC. This soil mix is called The Moonshine Mix. I like to use an organic tea on my plants while they are in the Moonshine Mix when I put them into flowering and when they are about mid way through flowering. This little extra boost from the tea adds some teeming bacteria to the living soil (this is a good thing) and gives the plants what they need to finish strong. The Moonshine Mix is comprised of a few different Fox Farm products. I’ve written about some Fox Farm products in the past, their organic products are the shit. I’m not a fan of their Grow Big Veg nutrient or their Tiger Bloom nutrient but all of their organic nutrients kick serious ass.

Moonshine Mix

1 bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest

1 bag of Fox Farm Planting Mix

1 bag of Fox Farm Light Warrior

1 c. Happy Frog Fruit and Flower or 1 c. Peace of Mind Fruit and Flower

1 c. Happy Frog Jump Start or 1 c. Peace of Mind Starter

2 – 5 gallon buckets of Fox Farm Big & Chunky Perlite

1 c. dolomite lime (crush the pellets)

Mix all of these ingredients in a kiddie pool. Get everything damp and cover with a tarp. Tie the tarp tight around the kiddie pool if you have a rope or straps available.  Allow this to sit in the sun covered for 5-7 days. Do not transplant young seedlings or clones directly into this mix as it’s very hot and will burn young plants. Cut it with Light Warrior for young plants, then transplant into the full Moonshine Mix in week 3 of the vegetative cycle.

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Bubba Kush x Haze/Skunk, grown in the Moonshine Mix

More info on feeding plants with organic teas next week, stay tuned.

Any questions, hit me up on my email or leave a comment below. Keep it green and O.V.E.R.G.R.O.W.!


Got weed questions? Ask me for help and we will feature your questions in the weekly “Wisdom Wednesdays: Q & A” segment. Hit me up at ThisBuds4You@HailMaryJane.com

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