Wisdom Wednesday: Weed and ADD

I recently started working a job where my boss loathes stoners to a point where I had to explain that unbeknownst to her I was a pretty legit stoner.  The unfortunate fact was that he was exposed to all of the stereotypical stoner qualities: the burnout, the uber paranoid, the unchanged couch potato and so on.  This of course kind of cracked me up because he had hired me after seeing my weed portfolio and also had worked with me for a week and clearly hadn’t even realized I was that much of a smoker. Ironically I think that he could seriously benefit from cannabis but it got me to really thinking about stoner misconceptions.  The truth is that we’ve all been caught in a stoner moment but they don’t define us.

Today I would like to address his complaint that cannabis makes you dumb.  I personally use sativa any time I have a tedious project that I can’t imagine completing.  Sativas are actually as my prescribing doctor informed me amazing for people that have ADD. Sativas have a similar effect as prescription medications like Ritalin or Adderall calming them allowing them to focus on one task. Sativas are amazing because they are a stimulant they will motivate you and get your brain racing, yet focus you as well.  So perhaps the next time you have a big exam or task you should try a little sativa over a chemical made drug.

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Author: mj

Total cannanerd, new resident to LA transplanted from PVD, pool shark, photographer, designer and foodie.

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  • Wishy Panda Hafeez

    I wish this were true for me… Sativa just gets my mind racing to the point that I get anxiety and panic attacks. I wish I could fix it, but I don’t know how…