Wisdom Wednesdays: How to make Bubble Hash with Bubble Bags

What’s good Greenies and welcome to another Wisdom Wednesdays installment from me, ThisBuds4You. Today we’re going to make some FULL MELT BUBBLE HASH using cold ice water extraction. Cold ice water extraction is a technique for separating the THC trichomes from the cannabis plant in order to extract the cannabis resin. It requires ice, water, agitation, filtration bags/screens and plant material. With the ice-water extraction method, the resin becomes hard, brittle and can easily be separated. This allows large quantities of pure resins to be extracted in a very clean process without the use of solvents, making for healthier more concentrated hash. We will be using Bubbleman’s Bubble Bags in today’s demonstration. Bubble Bags can be purchased from Aqua Lab Technologies here. Bubble Bags are a big investment (the kit we are using was $320); I recommend getting them if you have large amounts of trim/plant material to run and don’t want to make hash using the BHO method we talked about in a previous post. The plant material we’re working with is some nice and sugary Legend’s Ultimate Indica (LUI) trim that we had in the freezer, fresh frozen. NOW LET’S DO THISSSSS!

What we’ll need:

Bubble Bags (We are using a 5-gallon, 8-bag kit)

2-5 gallon buckets

Fresh frozen trim, buds, leaves or plant material (NO STICKS! Sticks will damage your Bubble Bags)

Lots of ice

A few gallons of cold water

Big flat wooden spoon or spatula

Pressing screens (these come with the Bubble Bag Kits) and paper towels

A medium sized mixing bowl and a spoon for scraping

Makin’ Bubble

First, line the 220 micron bag in a 5-gallon bucket, this is our work bag and bucket.

Next, arrange all EXCEPT for the 220 micron bag from smallest to largest in the other 5 gallon bucket.

Fill the 220 micron bag with ice and cold water ONLY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN. This will prevent small particles of plant material getting through the bottom of the bag.

Once the water is in the bag & bucket, fill the 220 bag about half way with ice. Add your plant material/trim. I use about 200 grams of fresh frozen plant material (buds and sugar trim) in each run.

Fill with more ice and more cold water (if water is needed).

Stir with a large spoon/spatula for 10 minutes. Add ice as needed. We want a nice, super cold frothy mix.

After mixing, let everything settle in the 220 micron work bag for 30 minutes

Remove the 220 bag, squeeze and drain making sure to get as much as you can out of the bag. It’s cold!

Pour the mixture from the drained 220 bag & bucket into the other 5 gallon bucket with the other bags.

I like to let these bags settle for another 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pull the first bag up.

Stretch the bag over the mixing bowl and scrape off all the goodness on the screen

Look at that yummy goodness! Scrape this off with a spoon and put it on a pressing screen with a few paper towels underneath.

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Once most of the water has soaked through the pressing screen, move the hash to a cutting board. I use a cutting board instead of cardboard because the hash sticks to the cardboard, and that sucks.

Repeat this process with the remaining bags. Remember to rinse off your screens and spoon in the watery mix.

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Let the hash dry for 24-48 hours before smoking. You can run the plant material that was in the 220 micron work bag again, just mix for 12-15 minutes. It may turn out green but it’s great for cooking!



Got growing questions or sick plants? Ask me for help and we will feature your questions in the new weekly “Wisdom Wednesdays: Q & A” segment. Hit me up at ThisBuds4You@HailMaryJane.com

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