Woman Alleges Discovery Channel Jacked Her Concept of Weed Wars!

A lawsuit has just been filed against the Discovery Network by a woman named Kylie Krabbe who claims she came up with the idea of a reality show based on the medical marijuana industry. Through some elbow grease and hustling, she eventually landed the opportunity to pitch her idea to the Discovery executives at some time during 2010.

Krabbe says her show was tentatively titled Greener Pastures, and would feature the proprietor of a dispensary in Santa Barbara. According to court records, Krabbe registered the treatment with the WGA before pitching her idea to the Discovery execs who turned her down.

According to the suit, Discovery initially expressed interest but ultimately passed on the show, calling it too “edgy” for the network.

But that following  year, low and behold, the Discovery Network went on to produce and debut the show Weed Wars. Kylie Krabbe snatched her up a lawyer and ran up on the media giant in a court of law, as she should.

That’s fishy but things happen and this could just be a random person seeking monetary damages OR the elitist trickery of rich and powerful money hungry Hollywood execs.

Since the Discovery Channel makes no comment regarding pending lititation we’ll all just have to continue watching Weed Wars and not care about the plight of Kylie Krabbe.

Even if the allegations turn out to be true and she wins, then she gets money from us watching Weed Wars, it’s a win/win for us all, Greenies.

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Author: TRJ

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