Woman takes son’s pot brownies to work for co-workers

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There was a lot of talk around the water cooler in a Vancouver office after a woman mistakenly brought her son’s pot brownies to work for her co-workers. Three employees were rushed to the hospital after eating the brownies. The workers complained of dizziness, lightheadedness and disorientation. The Victoria Sun writes:

Victoria police said they received a call Monday of a possible poisoning at a downtown office building on Vancouver Street.

Three employees, all at once, had been taken to hospital with similar symptoms, including light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation.

Investigations led to the office refrigerator and some brownies which, it turned out, had been baked with marijuana.

… Her son admitted to police he had baked the chocolate treats a year ago, stored them in the freezer and forgotten about them.

The entire article can be found at Victoria Sun, here. The police decided not to press any criminal charges which is awesome but looks like the son will have to do some community service. That really sucks, pot brownies should be treated like gold and never be unaccounted for. Next time, eat the brownies, don’t freeze and fuggetaboutem!


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