Woodbridge, NJ Mayor Welcomes MMJ

One of six medical marijuana clinics in New Jersey will be situated in Woodbridge, and it could be just four months away from opening.  Compassionate Care Centers of New Jersey, which has been trolling about for a town in central New Jersey to host a medical marijuana dispensary, bought the defunct 6th Avenue Electronics store on Route 1, according to a report on nj.com, with plans to turn it into a warehouse to grow and sell the plant.

The pot purveyors purchased the electronics store building last week for $2.75 million, nj.com reported, saying the buy had been in the works for over a year, even though 6th Avenue Electronics only went out of business last October.

Medical marijuana centers have had a hard time trying to find municipalities willing to allow the dispensaries in their town limits. When news that a pot-growing dispensary would be coming to Upper Freehold last December, a fierce outcry from citizens and an ordinance unanimously passed by the town committee stopped the warehouse in its tracks.

Not so in Woodbridge. Mayor John McCormac, who said he knew about the marijuana dispensary’s plans for over a year, told nj.com that he “welcomed” the marijuana warehouse.

“As long as it’s legal, Woodbridge residents might as well get the benefit of it. If our residents need the products, it will be close by. It will be great. Unlike many towns, we’re welcoming them to Woodbridge,” McCormac said in the nj.com report.
There’s more to this story and you will find it HERE.

[image: Google images New Jersey]

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