World Map Of Where Marijuana Is Legal


This might come in handy when you plan your next vacation.

Found via Wikipedia.

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Author: Lenny

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  • Jarelo

    I live in Peru, and i can tell with certanty that in my country Marijuana its not legal. Oh in case you dont know im talkin about the only country painted blue in south america.

    • jambon

      Hey Jarelo, I will be visiting Peru this year and would like to know the best place or way to find my herbal medecine. I got chronic back problem.

  • houroc

    I know Peru and it's funny because I was surprised to see that it was legal there… So Peru is definitely not legal?

  • houroc

    I know Peru and it's funny because I was surprised to see that it was legal there… So in Peru its definitely not legal?

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  • wtf?

    "Decriminalized" in Oregon and Cali? Only if you're talking medicinal.

  • cory

    umm yeah ontario canada deffinately not legall there bro

  • someweed123

    ontario canada?! no its not! i wish it was.

  • sativo

    legal in spain? lol i live in spain and here its illegal

  • fr3d

    ahahah "decriminalized" in italy? you can't be seriuos, 6 years ago a new law took marijuana at the same level of cocain and heroin.

  • Justin

    ca law says anything under 1oz without a card is takin and a 50 dollar ticket is issue. with a card you can take home from the dispensary and to the dispensary. Plus, you can grown up to two plants at your home!!!

  • grandgryph

    moral of the story: be very sceptical of pothead research

  • RNSX

    In spain is for sure not legal

  • XxV

    For shure, in Italy isn’t absolutely legal: if you use you became tagged as a “drug addict”, and possibly encouraged to do a rehab; if you sell you go in jail (or even if you have a big amount like 10grams, even if is only for you).
    The only thing you can do legally is to grow one plant on your terrace (so, not properly indoor) but of course you cannot use it.

    Please, change that legend and do not make waste time to people.

  • Ima

    I don't smoke but I do think this maps is a form of entrapment. It looks like this map only comes in handy for getting people busted on their next vacation. LOL!

  • juanalacubana

    jajajajajaja its not legal in Mexico, if you get cut you'll go to jail. and in yes it is legal here on Colorado but just MMJ

  • beth blue

    i want some buds an how can i get it sent to me? let me know.

    • faff

      I think Silk Road is the only way to order weed and illegal drugs online. It's a bit complicated on how it works, but you can look it up on wikipedia.

  • beth blue

    i would like to try some of that bud can anyone send it to me? nobody wil find out.