Worldwide Weed Whereabouts – 6/15

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The medical marijuana expo HempCon returns to San Jose, California this weekend. While this years poster promises more seminars, exhibits, and access for those seeking information on medical marijuana, it’s hard to notice anything but the busty poster model surrounded by pot leaves.

Since it’s first year in San Jose back in 2010 a major criticism of HempCon and other conventions like it is their promotion of sex and business over medical marijuana information & access. While it claims to be pushing support and information for the medical marijuana movement the convention seems to have a much more business oriented agenda.

Advertisers and start up companies trying to show off their latest products to members of an industry that spends billions annually. There also always doctors on site or close, (last year doctors were forced to park their mobile offices across the street from the convention center), ready to take people money in exchange for a quick medical marijuana recommendation that then allows convention goers into the very over-hyped prop. 215 area. The area is made up of several rows of dispensary booths with the exact same medicine that you can find at their home dispensary. Seldom any “freebies” or “giveaways”.

At the end of the day all you’re doing is paying $20 to get into a convention where you can spend even more money on things you could find elsewhere with no cover charge. In response to the lack of a more medical atmosphere the largest dispensary in the world Harborside Health Center will not be attending the convention this year with a booth due to their concerns regarding the heavy business nature of the convention that is light on medical access and information. With this HMJ writer attending his first High Times Medical Cannabis Cup next week it will be interesting comparing the two events and seeing just how “medical” the Medical Cannabis Cup will be. Will you be attending HempCon in San Jose this weekend? Check out our EVENT CALENDAR for more info on the event and let us know how your experience went!

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Author: SuperXinck420

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