Would You Smoke With… George Bush

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Everyday (Mon-Fri) I will come up with a new celebrity, historical figure, or random person and you guys will vote and comment on whether or not you would smoke with them. These are not necessarily people who are verified smokers, it’s just a hypothetical situation. For the sake of conversation we’re going to say that you both put $5 on it (most likely $10 depending on where you live and what prices you get). I want to hear from you guys so leave comments. If you have a suggestion for who we should smoke with, hit me up with it on twitter or send me and email at sportfiends@gmail.com

George W. Bush was not the sharpest tool in shed but through the help of various factors, he was able to rise to become the most powerful man in the world for 8 years. Whether or not he did a good job as the President is very debatable and I will not go into all of that here. All I want to know is if you would blaze one with him.

You wouldn’t be the first.

According to this High Times Interview, Little Bush smoked up with known stoner and former MLB pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee back in the day.

There’s a persistent rumor that you smoked weed with George W. Bush when he was with the Texas Rangers baseball organization.
Oh yeah, but it was way before that. He was a kid. This was when his dad was the head of the CIA or the ambassador to China or something, with his wife there—the one that looks like George Washington.


I’m almost sure it was at a fund-raiser for Senator [Edward] Brooke, the black Republican Senator that ran in the off year. I think it was ’72. We were underneath the Tyrannosaurus rex at the Museum of Science, and I had it in the stroller. I twisted up a doobie, and George W.—who I didn’t know from Adam—was walking around too, so I gave him a couple of tokes. I found out shortly thereafter it was him—he was a big baseball fan and going to Harvard at the time, I believe. [Editor’s note: Bush took a transfer from the Texas Air National Guard to the Alabama Air National Guard in 1972 to work on a Republican Senate campaign, and in 1974 he obtained permission to end his six-year service obligation six months early to attend Harvard Business School.]

So what’s your answer?

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Author: Lenny

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