Wyoming: An Important Voice Calls for Change

Here’s a bit from an editorial by the Casper, Wyoming Star-Tribune.  The title was “A More Measured Marijuana Approach.”


We urge Wyoming lawmakers to look at the statutes and consider whether to decriminalize possession of marijuana. In other words, can possession of small amounts of marijuana be an offense worthy of a misdemeanor ticket? Could it be like speeding or any other minor offenses?

We see a possible positive outcome by decriminalizing marijuana. First, for those caught with a small amount of the drug, it means that a relatively minor offense won’t result in a lifetime blemish on a person’s permanent record. Possessing a joint shouldn’t have a lifetime of consequences.

Second, we also believe that decriminalizing may reduce the strain on prosecution and law enforcement. There are crimes worthy of prosecution and investigation. We’re just not sure that a petty pot charge is worth a whole lot of time or justice in an already heavily-burdened system.

We also believe that Wyoming lawmakers should give serious consideration to medical marijuana. Montana has had some success with medical marijuana laws. It should be left up to doctors to decide whether science and medicine have proven a legitimate medical use for the drug. If so, it should be up to their discretion whether to prescribe marijuana. What could be outdated laws should not stand between doctor and patient. Doctors who do not see a legitimate medical reason could simply not write a prescription for pot, opting for other treatments.

Let us speak candidly — the call for change in Wyoming is good in that previously there was no call for any change. That’s one for the good guys. The Casper Star-Tribune Editorial Board is calling for only a first step, but it does tell us that they are waking up from reefer madness. Let’s be easy on them as they get oriented. They’ll catch up. Glad to have them turned in the same direction we are.

The whole story can be found HERE.

Anyone keeping a count of how many state flags we have flown at HMJ? The pot is coming to a boil nicely, if you will allow the use of that word.

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Author: DavidB

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