Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, We Already Knew New Jersey Has Strict A$$ Med Marijuana Laws

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Here’s more news that isn’t news, recently the Star Ledger ran a feature on New Jersey’s new medical marijuana laws. The article compared how restrictive the laws are by asking the questions of who in New Jersey is eligible for medical marijuana; how medical marijuana is recommended and how does the patient get their hands on it once they have the go head from the good doctor.

You’ll be relieved to know that the state of New Jersey ties with the District of Columbia in terms of restrictions and minuscule access.

Most experts we spoke with agreed New Jersey is one of the most restrictive states for medical marijuana overall. But by Scutari’s three measures, PolitiFact New Jersey found that the Garden State is generally the most restrictive.

So who is eligible for medical marijuana in New Jersey?

Not people whose major complaint is pain; the only exception to which is pain suffered through advanced HIV or cancer and that is only if the pain is a side effect of the current treatment. So, in plain language this means that you’re not going to be able to “fake” an illness and claim to need the use of marijuana to help things like depression, PTSD, back pain or any other ‘fairy tale’ illness that can’t be seen.

The provision is meant to lessen the probability that people will obtain MM for what could be considered casual use. This blows since there are many studies that show marijuana’s beneficial effect on mental and emotional conditions. You don’t have to see pain in order for it to be real..that’s so caveman to believe otherwise.

How is medical marijuana recommended in New Jersey?

Well, first any doctor who wants to be able to recommend medical marijuana must first register with the state health department. There are several other requirements doctors must follow in order to qualify. But will they bother and is this beneficial for them to do so?

How do you get your hands on medical marijuana once you’ve jumped through hoops 1 & 2?

Once a patient has made their way through the maze of the above mentioned requirements he/she can now make their way to a dispensary which technically don’t exist. Be careful with that! The ‘alternative treatment centers’ will only allow a patient a maximum of two ounces per month and there is no provision allowing a person or care giver to grow marijuana in the home for personal use.

If you’ve been keeping track of the progress of New Jersey’s way over due and stagnant law then you already knew what was up. The state enacted the law and sat on it. Now that a few people are pushing forward with it we can maybe hope it evolves into something useful for our citizens rather than this legislative taunting.

In the meantime, I’ll be saving up my coins to visit my folks in Cali.

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