Yoga and Marijuana at the Atwater Village 4:20 Class: Flex Your Body AND Mind

Are you a yoga buff? How about a toker? Scratch that, if you’re reading this site, I hope you’re a toker, and if you aren’t then why the hell not? Well for those people who enjoy contemplative exercising on a yoga mat, but don’t want to get grouped in with all the holier than thou people who never burned a spliff in their life, you’re in luck. 4:20 class might be just your thing! Read on to find out more.

The owner of the studio, Liz McDonald, conceived of the class after noticing a few of her private clients took some hits from the bong before going through their usual yoga paces:

After moving to L.A. from Brazil two years ago, McDonald noticed that many of her private clients took a few puffs of marijuana before practicing yoga and decided to dedicate a class at her new studio to combining two of hippy-dippy California’s favorite feel-good, vaguely medicinal pastimes, raising a peace sign to say ‘Chill, man’ to the competitive, stressed, traffic-soaked city beyond.

McDonald conceived of the 4:20 class as ‘a gathering of creative minds, a very non-judgmental place where all are welcome,’ she says. ‘Do I really want a couple of uptight conservatives in here? Ideally no, but… my business welcomes all types of people, especially those tight-asses that may need it most!’

Students are expected to medicate in their cars before class in the parking lot, as no drugs are consumed or distributed in the studio. But the fifty members of the ‘420 Yoga Los Angeles’ group seem to have no trouble obtaining pot on their own — surprise, surprise — and many extol the benefits of toking and posing, as did the students at a recent Sunday class. Early arrivals, fresh off their parking lot endeavors, are greeted in the concrete courtyard outside the studio by McDonald wielding a spurting hose or offering tea and fresh organic cherries from Trader Joe’s.

No word on whether marijuana actually facilitates more flexibility, but you can be sure these students are having more fun than you are right now.

[VV; pic via anorak & the globe and mail]

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