Young People Are Getting Smarter

The current generation of young people are smoking more…pot!  A recent study from researchers at the University of Michigan (under a grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse), polled more than 46,000 teens across the country and found that more of them are toking up.  They’re toking up AND staying away from cigarettes.  What does this mean?

Daily marijuana use increased for 8th graders (that’s when I popped my nugget cherry-so kudos), high school sophomores and seniors.  I guess freshman and juniors pass on grass.

The USA Today, and LA Times both called attention to the report by mentioning the tobacco connection.  Marijuana use is up, and nicotine is down.  “Roughly one in 16 seniors smoke marijuana daily and more 12th-graders smoked pot over the last month than smoked cigarettes.”

This is probably a good thing for everyone, except for drug czars, who would much rather you die a slow, painful death with their legal cigarettes, than enjoy a nice wake and bake before going about your day.

While marijuana use by teens dipped from 2002 to 2007, it is now on the rise. And the White House drug czar placed the blame squarely on the country’s burgeoning medical marijuana movement. “I don’t have any hesitation telling you that I think the legitimizing of marijuana and calling it medicine is absolutely the wrong message to give to young people,” said Gil Kerlikowske

Next thing you know, the drug czar is gonna have 8th graders doing whiskey shots.  Let’s pump kids with Adderall and anti-depressants, but ignore what grows in the ground.  Drug Czars are always crusty, old white men so whacked out on Levitra, they think marijuana is a violent drug.  Gil Kerlikowske needs to realize what he’s condemning and highlight the drop in cigarettes.

(Eds Note: the author of this post smokes a ton of cigarettes, but does not endorse their use for kids or adults.)

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