Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept . . .

The nation is about three weeks away from the Republican National Convention.  That will be followed by the Democratic National Convention.  Each of these events gives us the chance to advance the discussion on drug policy reform.  Can we count on you to help?  Good, here’s what you do:
In whatever state you live, there is a democratic party and republican party state headquarters. They have a website and probably have a phone number which is easy to find. Each of these parties has a national convention coming up — soon.

Each state political party will send representatives to their national convention. The national convention will chose their party’s presidential candidate. But before that they will write the “party platform,” a statement of what the party believes needs to be done. If both platforms include some reference to a reassessment of the war on drugs that might help kick-start the change. You can phrase the goal any way that feels right to you.

Using your state party web site, or with a phone call to party HQ, identify by name and contact number, email, whatever, all of your state representatives going to their national party convention. Get in touch with them before they leave — while they are still in town, down the street, around the corner. Talk to them about ending the “war on drugs.” Tell them you want the party to take the lead in correcting this terrible wrong.

If you will communicate with the one (1) democratic representative and the one (1) republican representative who live closest to you it would help a great deal. Maybe you could go for two closest of each party? three?

Do this with friends and a script. Don’t wing it. Maybe practice a bit — role play. Think about what you want to say. Speak from the heart. Our window of opportunity is small. But this is a forum in which your voice can be heard loudly. Do something to bring about your own liberation. We’ll share a bowl on re-legalization day.

Go get’em.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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