Your Own Personal Bud Grower?

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Now get this. A company called Medical Marijuana Cure in Canada is willing to hook you up with your bud license, your own personal grower, and get the weed shipped right to your door. Now this sounds a little to good to be true, but after some verification, it seems to be good to go.

Apparently in Canada, people have some choices. If they can’t grow themselves, they can get weed from the Canadian government, but it is bone dry throat stripping bunk; all pre buffed up in to a shabby mix. It is pretty much schwag that does more harm than good. The lawn clippings in your backyard could potentially be more effective medicine. Just like the cheese that is offered by the American Government, it provides no sustenance whatsoever.

Anyway, there has yet to be one person to praise the weed from the Canadian government. There were so many complaints about the crappy government weed, that Health Canada was forced to let the patient have a designated grower of their choice. This was a way for the medical patient to actually get some decent bud.

Now, medical pot companies like this one are popping up offering you prescreened professional legal growers. Not only that, they said most of their growers were from BC, and have been growing medically since 2001; so you can bet your ass your gonna get some killer bud. If you are tired of getting second rate hand-me-downs from the government, then maybe you should check out companies such as Medical Marijuana Cure. Where the grass is definitely greener.

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Author: Lenny

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