Zach Randolph: Victim of Circumstance or Celebrity Marijuana Financier?

On Saturday August 20th, a self-labelled marijuana dealer was checked into an Oregon hospital for treatment for injuries to his head and face; after which he called to police to report the incident. Why did he need treatment? He told police that after debating with a group on the price of an unnamed amount of marijuana inside the home of Memphis Grizzlies star Zach Randolph. The argument escalated to blows and the unnamed dealer was beaten by several men, none of which were the NBA star he says. Upon his house being searched no marijuana of any kind was found though a few pool sticks were taken in as evidence along with blood samples found inside.

This is just another instance that Zach Randolph’s name is being brought up with marijuana. Earlier in 2010 Randolph was accused of being a “financier for known drug dealers in Indianapolis” and even though cars were found in his name with hidden compartments, he was never brought up on charges.

Personally I DO NOT believe that Randolph is involved with any trafficking of any kind and is just the only familiar face in a cast of people so he is pegged as the head of a supposed organization. As for the secret hiding spots in the vehicles it looks like a case of ‘better safe then sorry’. It is no secret that cannabis use effects some people’s health for the better and, judging by the weight he has dropped since being drafted by the Trail Blazers in 2001, I wouldn’t be surprised if marijuana use was a factor in his conditioning. Randolph was a key part in the Grizzlies post-season run in the 2010-2011 NBA Playoffs

Stay clean, Greenies.

[via Washington Post and The Huffington Post]

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Author: Blake

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