Mythbusters: Zeroing a hit gets you more stoned

First off, what is zeroing a hit?  Well, for the uninformed, after you hit a pipe, joint, blunt, whatever, rather than exhale, you just let the smoke fester in your alveoli until you can’t stand it anymore and either cough, or just smile and go about your day.  I was always under the impression it got you more stoned.  Find out why I might have been wrong after the jump.

I could bore you with all the mumbo jumbo of this article, but I’m just gonna skip to the conclusions.

Heart rate was minimally affected by the breathhold manipulation. Effects of marijuana on mood were not consistently affected by breathhold duration. The results confirm previous findings that prolonged breathholding does not substantially enhance the effects of inhaled marijuana smoke.

Such dry language, like that found in this test, only means one thing: they don’t know what they’re talking about.  How is a scientist going to know the affects of the weed on mood?  By looking at the test subject?  By asking questions, and judging the sobriety of the answers?  It’s too subjective a test for me to be completely taken with the findings.  I will mention this the next time a friend of mine wants to do a nuclear warhead.  You can write in the comments if you want to know how to do a nuclear warhead, but I’d probably get arrested if I posted it.

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Author: Tyrel

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