10 Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test

how to pass a drug test

Drug detox to pass a test

Smoked on 4/20 and you’re now worried about a random drug test within the next 30 days? Good thing is if you don’t smoke often and are a bit fit, you’ll be okay. The THC usually gets out of your system within a few days to a week if you’re not a heavy smoker. If you’re looking for a complete guide on how to pass a drug test, check our recent post.

But for those you got very high and are a bit worried about a drug test. We have just the list for you. We have 7 ways that can actually help and 3 ways to make you laugh. Comment for any questions.

1. The Whizzinator


Used this one time for a work drug test. The easiest thing to do for a drug test besides staying sober. Just takes some planning and the feeling of awkwardness for a little bit.

2. Bring Clean Pee


No need for explanation. Right?

3. Ready Clean


Just follow the directions on the back of the bottle. Very simple and easy. You can find these at every smoke shop and just about every party store.

4. Renew Me Detox Tea


Drink a gallon of this throughout the day before your drug test. Pee often and make sure to take some vitamin B to make your pee more yellow an hour before your test. This is if you know when your test is. Of not, this isn’t your best option.

5. Niacin


I’ve never personally tried this before. I know people that have and it has seemed to work most of the time. This is the only one I do not trust well.

6. Certo


Very few people know about this trick. I just found out about it about two years ago. It never failed me. All you have to is put this certo jell in a Gatorade or juice and drink it. It stops your pee from peeing out any THC in your system (THC detox). It tastes kind of bad and probably isn’t good for you. But it does get the job down. It is hard to find these around anymore. The used to be at WalMart then they stopped. The only place I’ve found them is on Amazon.

7. Water, Vitamin B and Energy Drinks


Workout nonstop leading up to your test. Drink water all day, peeing as much as you can. Then about an hour before the test, after peeing a lot, take a Vitiation B-12 and drink a Rockstar. It will help turn your pee yellow.

8. Oil Change 

If you’re that determined to do this. Good luck. Oil change drug test not worth it.

9. Workaholics Drug Testing Way

You will probably get in more trouble for doing this. But it’s worth a shot.

10. Staying Sober




10 Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test
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