15 Of The Greatest Stoner Songs Of All Time

bob marley

Rocking to music while you are blowed is as natural to weed smokers as their regular trips to the refrigerator. There is something about zoning out, listening to your favorite kind of music and drifting off into it that is just so lovely. Music sounds way better while high and I have personally found some of my all time favorite songs while under the influence.

You could always listen to regular songs but why not listen to music by other stoners who talk about their views on weed?? It gives you different perspectives on smoking that you will have you examining the lyrics of the song further than you needed to or the artist ever intended intended. It won’t matter though because in your head, you’ve just listened to the most profound song EVER!

Here are some of the top weed smoking songs of all time, not in any particular order.

Album: Black Sunday

Shout outs to my man B-Real from Cypriss Hill. Follow him on twitter if you are not already, he is one of the coolest celebs on there & its 4/20 all day with him.

Peter Tosh – Legalize It
Album: Legalize It

The Expendables – Ganja Smuggling (Remix)

Afroman – Because I Got High Album:The Good Times

Kottonmouth Kings – Rest of My Life Album: Rollin’ Stoned

Mr. Grimm featuring Warren G. and Nate Dogg – Indo Smoke

Tupac – Weed Got Me Crazy

Sublime – Smoke 2 Joints Album: 40 Oz. To Freedom

Note – This is a cover of a Bob Marley Song by the same title. That version is better but I could not find it.

Bone Thugs N Harmony – Weed Song Album: BTNHResurrection

Here is a bonus track from my man Young Gift. The track is call “We Gonna Get High” – Download If you are feeling it, feel free to add him on myspace or follow him on twitter.

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Now go to a show and get blazed.

15 Of The Greatest Stoner Songs Of All Time
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