18 of the Best Marijuana Based Instagram Feeds To Follow


So this is my first weekly HMJ post and I figured that a good way to start it off is to give readers a good list of what the best Instagram feeds are to follow, if you’re interested in some serious weed porn. These feeds will give you a contact high just by looking at them. All of the feeds were suggested to me via Instagram and I have written a small blurb about each one for your reading enjoyment, as well as a picture from each feed. They are in no specific order. Enjoy!

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Probably one of the most suggested feeds, this guy knows what’s up when it comes to making bubble hash. His pictures alone speak for themselves so I can’t imagine how good this stuff actually is. There’s always something cool to look at when it comes to this feed. Feel free to follow him HERE.


While consisting of mostly user submissions, @_dopefiends provides some epic photos of all different kinds of marijuana related photography, from pretty girls smoking to intense macro shots. Plus, the people (not sure if it’s just one person or multiple) running the feed seem to be devoted to providing their followers with not just pictures but a good addition to the Instagram Fam. Follow them HERE.


By far one of my personal favorites (and numerous others, according to my Instagram followers) and probably one of the nicest girls to follow on Instagram. From glass to nugs, she’s got you covered. I honestly don’t think there’s a picture on her feed that I haven’t liked. Follow her HERE.


This was a new one for me but an instant favorite. If you’re looking for weed pictures, he’s got it. If you’re looking for glass, he’s got that too. Hash? Covered. Pretty much anything that relates to marijuana can be found here. And not only do his posts contain some kind of fantastic weed porn, they’re tasteful (something I really like, dunno about you Greenies). Follow him HERE.


Some of the best people on Instagram revolve around @dopefam. I have met 90% of my favorite IG friends through this feed (Including the group of guys that run it). I mean… Look at the picture. Admire that frosty bud that looks good enough to eat (and by eat, I most certainly mean smoke). Now spark up a bowl and follow the fam HERE.


Based overseas (I’m in the United States), @bettertm has some proper grow game going. I mean, look at that grow house. Meticulous. His feed is full of beautiful photos such as this one. To appreciate it fully, follow him HERE.


Pretty much in the same boat as @dopefam, @wfayo is dedicated to showing us how many different kinds of beautiful strains are out there. Not only that but they post quite a healthy amount of handsome men smoking (Ahem, ladies!). Follow these great dudes HERE.


A great feed to follow if you’re looking for some spectacular glass photos… And weed being smoked out of said glass, with the occasional beautiful bud photo. And not only is his glass incredible, it’s always clean. Can’t really get any better than great weed and clean glass, right? To see more, follow him HERE.


Another over seas! Talk about some up close and personal shots! @liambeats really shows us what we’re smoking and how cool it looks before we light it up. His feed is mostly shots of insane trichomes, with the occasional big bud showcased on top of a grinder. To see what I’m talking about, follow him HERE.


Two words; nug porn. The above picture is so great, I can smell the freshly ground weed. Even better, @ffourtwenty gets creative with their bud (if you look at their feed, I’m referring to the giraffe drawing munching on a nug). Another feed that’s based primarily on user submissions, @ffourtwenty is now also offering a contest to be featured on his page, which is cool if you’re looking for followers, seeing as how he’s obtained 23,000 followers! To see more pretty buds and for more info on this contest, follow HERE.


Nothing but milk? Nothing but weed! I love grow pages, mostly because I love watching the journey from seed to my bowl. @nothingbutmilk succeeds in showing that process, along with blunts, glass, and the occasional stunning nature shot. And who doesn’t love nature when you’re smoking?! Follow HERE.


A pretty lady smoking? Almost as good as handsome guys smoking! This girl knows what’s up. Whether its blunts, bongs, or bowls, she’s always smoking and always pretty! She also reprints #dopefam! Give her a follow HERE.


I really don’t have to say a whole lot about these guys. Your best bet is to go to their Instagram and check it out. Another feed based around growing, these guys do it RIGHT (and you can tell by their 20,000 followers). You really can’t get a better inside look at how to properly grow this amazing plant. For some more inside glimpses, check them out HERE.


Yet another feed that has the possibility to give you a contact high just from looking at it! Plus, this guy has tattoos (I’m always partial to heavily tattooed stoners… It’s like a bond inside of a bond). He’s always smoking something great and kind enough to share what he’s got with us! Only visually, of course, but still! Check out more of his pictures HERE.


Almost exclusively photos of nugs, @elijahdaprofit has some dank weed. I mean, almost every single bud has large amounts of purple in it and they’re big! With the occasional picture of glass or an extremely cute chihuahua, I definitely recommend you follow @elijahdaprofit HERE.


If this guy posts it, you know it’s dank. His buds look like they’ve been left outside overnight in a New Hampshire winter (covered in frost) and always look great. He also supplies us with a great look at dabs and the grow game. Follow him HERE.

I love the idea of this (not to mention I want this lighter). @propaganjaco takes weed pictures and incorporate them in to every day smoking devices. This feed also contains (obviously) pictures of the best weed and great glass. To check out more stoner gear, follow HERE.


Almost painful to look at (because you want to smoke this weed so bad), @lowpro really is a pro when it comes to showing us what he’s smoking. He’s got probably the most consistent stream of photos, solely dedicated to macro shots of dank weed. To see exactly how incredible he is, follow him HERE.

This concludes my list of best weed porn Instagram feeds. Again, there is no particular order and the users mentioned were mentioned by others via my Instagram. To get involved (because I definitely value reader input), you can follow me on Instagram (@missbotwinhmj) or you can email your ideas for future lists to info@hailmaryjane.com for consideration. I hope that you guys enjoyed my first list and the great Instagram users that have been recommended.

Stay high, my friends!

18 of the Best Marijuana Based Instagram Feeds To Follow
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