5 Signs To Spot An Undercover Cop

undercover cop

If you’re like any normal person in this world; you have a love hate relationship with Crown Vics, donuts reminds you of comps and the best undercover agent is Archer. You never know when an undercover cop could be lurking around or selling you purple nugs. Look at the photo above. You can’t even tell Donnie Brasco was a cop. So, make sure to use these signs to spot an undercover cop.

1. Check Out the Car

Nowadays police departments are making their cars much stealthier with police graphics only on one side or none at all.

2. Pay Attention to Details

Pay attention to the small details of your dealer and surroundings at all time.

3. Don’t Bother Asking

There’s no point in asking if they’re a cop.

4. Did You Hear the News?

Stay up to date with the latest drug busts in your area.

5. Hits From the Bong

Police have to take drug tests. If you offer them a hit of a joint, they can easily not inhale that and be fine with their drug test. Offer them a bong hit instead.

5 Signs To Spot An Undercover Cop
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