Auto-flowering vs. Regular Seeds

auto flowering seeds

seeds1Every new gardener spends time contemplating their very first seed purchase, should I buy auto-flowering seeds or regular seeds? What’s the difference? It’s a question I think every newbie has thought about and hopefully you can learn from the experiences of others.

Auto-flowering seeds are all the rage in Spain and it seems as if that trend may be heading to America, at least among newbie bean poppers.

If you’re looking for an easy plant to grow in a short amount of time then auto-flower may be your best bet. But if you’re looking to learn how to grow like the pro’s then you need to bite the bullet and pick-up some photoperiod (regular) beans.

Yes, with regular beans you have to wait twice as long and the first time out you have to weed-out the males from the ladies (unless you go with feminized), but the yields received from photoperiod plants makes it worth the wait.

Another plus to photoperiod plants is the control you have with the overall growth. With auto’s it not necessary to switch your lighting cycle for the plant to begin flowering, thus is why they have gained the name automatic.

Once you plant those little beans they are on cruise control other than watering, and if you’re running hydroponics then they are really on autopilot.

Here in lies the control issue, you can’t take daughter plants from those automatic mothers for one, so for me that is a major con.

Germinated SeedsSecond, you can’t train its growth into a beastly bush in which to increase your yield, which is another major con. Without daughter plants it is necessary to grow from seed each time you want to start a new cycle. With the ability to clone you can run what is known as a perpetual garden (if your cloning is successful) and once up and running you can harvest every 8-10 weeks (depending on variety).

Do you get ready-to-harvest weed in 7-9 weeks (depending on variety) from rooted seedling? Yes you do, as long as all your other garden conditions are optimal, like your growing medium, the plants are properly watered, there is sufficient lighting, etc., but again, if you want to harvest every 7-9 weeks you have to start from seed every time.

If you are interested in learning every aspect of growing it is a must to start with regular beans. If you want to plant a seed and see buds (not much, trust me) in 7-9 weeks with little effort then line the pockets of those seed distributors and play it safe with auto-flower, I’m sure they will appreciate the profits.

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Auto-flowering vs. Regular Seeds
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