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Cannabox vs Buddha Box vs 420 Goody Box – Comparison & Review

Looking for the best weed box?

On this post, we compare top three contenders, which are 420goodybox, Buddha box and Cannabox. But you can find best weed boxes on our 2019 guide where you’ll also find  a Goodie Box review and info to compare other subscription boxes brands like hemper box vs burn box, etcetera.  

Don’t have a good head shop in your city? Want the latest in cannabis-related products at a slight discount? Love cool surprise packages? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might want to get a monthly subscription through one of the three services I’m about to compare. Why? Because with these services you will get around 5 or more cannabis products delivered right to your door, every single month, at a cost of around $20 to $30 a month. The products are hand selected from a variety of really popular brands, and you’ll probably end up with a lot of new products you’ve never even seen before, plus you have the chance of winning big prizes every single month.

One of my favorite budtenders from A Wellness Center put me up on Cannabox, and as I looked into it I realized there were quite a few similar companies out there. I was curious which service was better, and also kind of anxious to see what they give you, so I signed up to all three and will show you the contents of each box, and host a contest for the things I don’t want or need, in an upcoming post. But let’s compare the three services, from the outside, to see how they compare to each other, regardless of what might end up in your box.

To start, I’ll just breakdown all the highlights of each service, and then I will compare each service to each other, to help you decide which is best.


cannabox weed subscription box

What’s inside? – Your box will contain 5 to 8 items, which are all for the love of cannabis, and Raw, 420 Science, RYOT, HUF, and ROOR are some of the product brands you will see in your Cannabox. Each month has a theme, and this month’s theme is Beach Buds, so all of the products I get in my box will probably be related to the beach in some way. Last month’s theme was Tree Lovers, which contained things like (as seen above) a Monkey Pipe, wildflower seeds, Raw hemp wick, Pay-Pay papers, HUF socks, and blunt wraps.

Any other surprises? – Plus, every month, 5 to 10 people get a chance at having a Gold Box delivered to them, which would contain the same types of products as well as awesome things like ten 22K Gold Celebration Lava Pipes ($119) they’re giving away this month, or the 10 Celtic Tree of Life Laser Launch Box Kits ($125) and limited edition t-shirts they gave away last month. Sometimes you’ll even receive exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else with your cannabox theme boxes.

Do I have a say in what I get? – In fact, you can customize the contents of your box 420 by filling out a quick form, after you purchase your subscription, based on your gender, shirt size, and smoking preferences (papers, cigar wraps, hand pipe, water pipe, or vape – all or as many as you often use). And if you want to purchase items from past boxes, you can order a Cannapack ($10.88) to receive 5 to 7 items from past boxes, at a lower price, without the monthly subscription or theme.

What’s it going to cost? – You can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month plan, which comes out to as low as $22.83 a month, including shipping and handling, and is actually less than you’d pay if you bought all the items separately. In fact, the Monkey Pipe in last month’s box would have cost you around $20 on its own! And if you go to their site, there’s a little window that pops up asking you to join their mailing list, which actually gives you a 10% off Cannabox coupon for your first order, so your box will be a little cheaper! Plus, you will find this type of Cannabox promo codes every celebration (Xmas, Valentines, 4/20, etc.) and you can also earn a little money ($5 per new signup) by letting people know about Cannabox, while at the same time hooking them up with a 10% discount. 

When will I get it? – Cannaboxes can be shipped discreetly to the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and they are usually shipped out on the 20th of each month. Don’t worry; you’ll be sent a tracking number when it ships!

That is Cannabox in a nutshell… and now it’s time to compare it to the other two services, but based on the customer’s Cannabox reviews, it’s going to be very difficult…


420 goody box subscription box

What’s inside the 420goodybox? – Your box will contain 5 to 8 items, obviously related to the cannabis culture, and Trog, PURR Glass, Shop Xhale, Smoke Cones, and Cannabis Now Magazine are some of the product brands you will see in your 420 Goody Box. Each month has a theme, and this month’s theme is Bubbles, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there’s a bubbler in my box. Last’s month’s theme was Blazin’, which contained things like (as seen above) an “I (love) 4:20” hat, an issue of Cannabis Now Magazine, some fancy popcorn, a paracord pipe bracelet, a couple Smoke Cones, and a Kasher and lighter in one.

Any other surprises? – And that’s on top of the fact that, every month, a photo contest is held where one winner receives a $300 MEGA Goody Box, on top of their regular 420 Goody Box, which is packed with a bunch of higher-priced items.

Do I have a say in what I get? – Actually, no… you don’t! There was no form to fill out after I made my purchase, so these boxes won’t be custom tailored to the type of smoker you are. But they do however have a little shop, where you can purchase past boxes, for only $10, as well as get a couple of the munchies and novelty items. So, sure you may not be surprised when you open your box, but if they only charge $10 for past boxes, and you get everything that they were supposed to contain, without a monthly subscription, then that’s one heck of a deal!

What’s it going to cost? – You can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month plan, which comes out to as low as $25.13 a month, including shipping and handling, and is once again a lot less than you’d pay if you bought all the items separately. For instance, if you tried to buy your own paracord pipe bracelet and Kasher you’d already be close to $21! But sadly there was no instant coupon code, directly on their site, that gave a discount to first-time buyers. On the other hand, they do have an affiliate program, where you can earn $5 for every new member you get to sign up.

When will I get it? – 420 Goody Boxes can be shipped discreetly to the United States and Canada, but for some reason Iowa and Pennsylvania are excluded from that list. It looks like I have yet another reason why I’m glad I moved from PA. But the boxes are shipped out on the 20th of every month, after which you’ll receive a tracking number to keep tabs on it.

Alright, so who offers the best service?


April's Buddha Box Contents (Click for Source)
April’s Buddha Box Contents

What’s inside? – The Buddha Box monthly plan will contain 4 to 7 items, which definitely fall in the same category, and Oil Slick, RODAWG, Medtainer, Leef and Co., and Debowler are some of the product brands you’ll get in your box. It doesn’t look like there’s a monthly theme, but (as you can see above) last month’s box contained items like a Medtainer, some stickers, an EcoFlame lighter, Raw papers and a joint tin, Juicy Jay’s flavored papers, some HempWick, and a Smoke Cone.

Any other surprises? – Plus, every month, a few people will win a bonus item, just for buying a Bhudda box 420- every purchase earns a raffle ticket. You could win one of the Cloud Penz ($80) they’re giving away this month, and they even have monthly picture contests where you can win a free box for next month. And yes, sometimes you’ll even receive exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else.

Do I have a say in what I get? – Plus you can even customize the contents of your box by filling out their longer form, after your purchase your subscription, based on your gender, smoking methods (rolling materials, glass pipes, water pipes, and high heat concentrates – all or as many as you often use), glass water pipe dimensions (if you have one), glass on glass bowl attachment size (if you use them), if you use e-cigs, what kind, and what e-juice flavors your like, shirt size, type of phone you have (if you have one of the phones on their tiny list), music preferences, if you’re going to an Electric Daisy Carnival festival this year, and your suggestions for future box items. And if you want to purchase particular items from past boxes, you can order some of them individually through their store, without any monthly charge.

What’s it going to cost the Buddha Box Subscription? – You can only sign up for a monthly plan, which comes out to $31.94, including shipping and handling, which is again actually a little less than what you’d pay if you bought all the items separately. If we breakdown the price of a Bhudda Box smoke box: The Medtainer and the EcoFlame lighter would cost you around $20 themselves. But sadly, they don’t seem to offer a discount for first-time buyers, like Cannabox does. And if you refer 4 people and they sign up, then your next Buddha Box is free!

When will I get it? – Every Buddabox review states that is shipped discreetly, but you can only get it to the mainland of the United States (you can contact them for special orders to Alaska or Hawaii.) The boxes are shipped out on the 14th of every month, through FedEx, so I assume you will be provided with a tracking number.

Which Is The Winner?

Best Products

Well, for starters, both the 420 Goody Box and the Cannabox provide you with at least one more item in their boxes, so the Buddha Box isn't off to a good start. And when you look at some of the featured brands each service offers, the big dogs for the Cannabox are 420 Science, Raw, and HUF, the big dogs for the Buddha Box are Oil Slick and Medtainer, and the big dogs for the 420 Goody Box are PURR Glass and Smoke Cones. And while I love my Medtainer, it seems like both the 420 Goody Box and the Cannabox have more higher-end brands in their arsenal. But when I look at what people ended up with last month, the Cannabox is really the only box I would have been overly excited to open.

[Winner: Cannabox]

Best Prizes

Now, the Cannabox Gold Boxes really do contain some awesome (and expensive) prizes, and it's great that more than one person wins every month, but what if you don't have a need for the big prize? Sure, Cannabox does end up giving away more than the other services ($1,190 worth in May - $1,250+ in April), but you only have the chance of winning one out of the 5 to 10 gold boxes. And while you may have a slightly better chance at winning a Gold Cannabox, winning a MEGA Goody Box might be a sweeter victory. 420 Goody Box will give you $300 worth of goods in that box and, since it's more than one item, there's a better chance that you'll like what you win. Sure, the Buddha Box raffle is nice, but the prizes don't compare to the other two services. And the Cannabox prizes are really cool, but only one prize (Pax vaporizer) out of the past 3 months was actually something I want and plan on buying. I think I'd get more use out of the MEGA Goody Box, since there's a few big prizes in in each.

[Winner: 420 Goody Box]

Best Choices

Well, obviously reading the 420 Goody Box review we see that it is slacking in this department, because they don't seem to care to ask what their customers want in their boxes, but the Buddha Box shines above all with how many questions they ask you. They give you over 15 different ways to modify what ends up in your box, compared to the 7 different options Cannabox gives you. And if you want to get some past items at a discount, both Cannabox and 420 Goody Box give you the opportunity to make a one-time purchase, and get a mystery box at like half the price. Sure, you can pick and choose what you want in Buddha Box's store, but there isn't a ton to choose from, and you'd get a better deal with the other two services, even though it'll be a mystery. But I really don't like the fact that there's so little information on what you're getting in your past 420 Goody Box, so I'd be a little hesitant to buy that one, even though it seems like a better deal.

[Winner: Buddha Box]

Best Price

For this comparison, we're going to have to do a little math... If you get a 6-month membership from Cannabox, you'll end up paying $22.83 a month for your 5 to 8 items. So, you're looking at paying only $2.85 to $4.57 for each item in your box and, if you use that first-time user coupon code, you'll only pay $2.57 to $4.11 for each item. But if you pay the $31.94 for a single month (your only option) from Buddha Box, you're looking at paying $4.56 to $7.99 for each item in your box. And if you saddle up for a 6-month membership from 420 Goody Box, you'll end up paying $25.13 a month for your 5 to 8 items. So, you'll end up paying anywhere from $3.14 to $5.03 for each item in your box. And all 3 services offer a referral program of sorts: 420 Goody Box and Cannabox both give you $5 for each new user you get to sign up, but the Buddha Box only offers you the chance to earn a free box, once every 6 months. So, even though it only takes 4 referrals to get a free box ($7.99 for each referral), you're limited on how much and what you can actually do with your earnings.

[Winner: Cannabox]

Best Shipping

But none of this matters if you can't get any of the boxes shipped to you, right? Well, the Buddha Box can only be shipped to 48 of the United States, unless you want to contact them for a special order to Alaska or Hawaii. And, while you can't get a 420 Goody Box in Iowa or Pennsylvania, you can get them shipped to the other 48 United States, as well as Canada. But the Cannabox comes out on top in this department, because they can ship to all 50 United States, without a special order, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.

[Winner: Cannabox]

Overall Best: Cannabox

After the point-by-point comparison I just walked you through, it’s obvious that Cannabox is the best choice…if you have yet to actually use either of these 3 services. You see, I only went by the information I could gather from their site, and social media profiles, as I purchased a box from each company.

I really have no clue what I’m going to end up with in each box, but I plan on showing you in a follow-up post, so the May Cannabox may not actually have the best items.

And while the MEGA Goody Box from 420 Goody Box would be awesome to win, I may not win anything from any of the companies.

And who knows how good Cannabox and Buddha Box really are at matching my preferences up to cool products I’d actually use; the random stuff in the 420 Goody Box might be the best stuff I get!

So, that’s why I plan on doing an “unboxing review”, once all of the boxes arrive later this month, to really find out once and for all which of these mystery boxes is actually the best option. I’m going to show you what actually came in my boxes, who gave me the coolest stuff, and which box was worth more overall. And guess what else?


I know that I’m probably not going to like, need, or want everything that comes in these boxes, but you might! So, once I get the boxes and open them up to see what’s inside, I’m going to set aside everything that I don’t want, out of the 3 boxes, and create a Wookwok Box to give away to one lucky reader. I’m not sure when each box will arrive, so I can’t give a specific date for the contest yet, but if you’re anxious to find out what I get in each box, and what might end up being given away in the Wookwok Box Contest, then follow me on Instagram and you’ll know before anyone else! Why? Because I’m going to open each box up, as soon as I get them, and post pictures of the contents on my Instagram, so CLICK HERE to follow me over there, and I look forward to finalizing this comparison!

If you still undecided on which weed subscription box is right for you. Check our top weed boxes 2019.

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