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Fake THC Cartridges: How To Spot Them?

Vaping has been trending as of recently and for all the wrong reasons. What began as a discrete, easy to use THC consumption method has turned into a newsworthy tale of fake THC cartridges, void of health benefits and unsafe for use. So for those THC consumers still looking to turn to the convenience of vaping THC cartridges, how do you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake? Here we’ll take an in-depth look into fake THC cartridges to help steer your decision on THC cart options that are high-quality and safe for use.

What Are Fake THC Cartridges?

Simply put, fake THC cartridges are distilled oils disguised as pure forms of THC that have avoided the legal markets. Or basically, fake THC cartridges that are sold on the black market – similar to fake luxury purses or goods. But, these fake goods can come with an unhealthy cost.

fake thc cartridges what is it
whats a fake thc cartridge

Because real THC cartridges endure rigorous testing through state-licensed facilities, consumers have assurance of quality and safety from ‘real’ THC cartridges. Fake THC cartridges don’t provide the same luxury, and you’re taking a risk on ingredients that might be prohibited from passing state testing for safety.

How To Spot Fake THC Cartridges?

Like other fake goods on black markets…it’ll take a careful eye to spot the differences between a real THC cartridge and a fake THC cartridge. Fake THC cartridge producers have put effort towards making their products look like the real deal.

First things first - check the packaging. Most real THC cartridges will include a manufacturing date, packaging date, batch or lot number. Ensuring it’s journey through the licensing process to become a ‘real’ THC cartridge for legal sale. Also, check the spelling and grammar used on the label. Often, there are misspellings or grammatical errors found on many fake THC cartridges packaging.

Most states also require a state-licensed icon or logo, ensuring that the THC cartridge has been vetted and approved as a legal retail product. But these logos can be added to any packaging - even on fake THC cartridges. To avoid this discrepancy, you can request a certificate of analysis from the seller, that should confirm testing results. Keep in mind -those can be faked too. If your suspected fake THC cartridge comes with a COA of test results, check with the lab listed to ensure it’s actually been tested - and isn’t just photoshopped.

Below, we’ll summarize some key differences in real vs fake THC cartridges to give you a better point of view.

Real vs Fake THC cartridges

Real THC Cartridges Fake THC Cartridges
Label will match licensing requirements. Label will not have official state-licensing logos or requirements.
Label will contain manufacturer stamps. Label will be void of manufacturer information.
Real THC cartridges will be priced appropriately for the high-quality THC it truly contains. Avoid ‘too good to be true’ pricing.
Real THC cartridges will be sold in licensed retailers, and legitimate sites in legalized states. Avoid sales of fake THC cartridges on web sites like Ebay, Amazon, etc.
Upon flipping your cart upside down, Real THC oil in cartridges will be thick and slow-moving. Fake THC oil cartridges are typically filled with fast moving oil.

What's The Worry With Fake THC Cartridges?

When you purchase the real thing…you’re aware of what ingredients have gone into your THC cartridge, and the testing its endured to reach the shelf. The worry with fake THC cartridges, is consumers don’t know what they’re inhaling. Or, what the effects of the unknown substances could be.

Recently, more and more patients have shown up in emergency rooms with sudden and debilitating symptoms.

Consequently, upon further investigation, doctors are uncovering that fake THC cartridges or vapes could be responsible. Contaminants, metals and pesticides that are used to make fake THC cartridges are onsetting real and damaging effects.

For instance, in California recently there was a cluster of 7 patients with symptoms of severe acute pulmonary disease – coughing, shortness of breath, fever and vomiting. All 7 of these cases were linked to black market THC cartridges. So, what exactly is in fake THC cartridges that are causing such severe effects? We’ll look into the ingredients of fake THC cartridges, next.

What's In Fake THC Oil Cartridges?

Real THC cartridges are made with extracted cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from all-natural marijuana plants. To mimic the real taste, or effects of quality made and pure THC cartridges – fake THC cartridge manufacturers are using whatever they can, no matter how dangerous.

fake thc cartridges study

In a recent study, NBC news found that 10 out of 10 fake THC cartridge products contained hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide can also be formed from a fungicide that is present in many fake THC cartridges - myclobutanil. This fungicide upon burning, transforms into hydrogen cyanide, too. Making the fake counterparts of THC cartridges, even more detrimental.

fake thc cartridges lungs problem

As mysterious lung issues and deaths rise, other ingredients are being found in fake THC oil cartridges as well. Like, Vitamin E acetate which is used to ‘cut’ the actual cannabis content in fake THC cartridges. The problem with Vitamin E acetate is when its’ inhaled, it can cause lipoid pneumonitis. A rare condition that comes from particles of fat being consumed into the lungs.

The condition causes otherwise healthy adults to become dependent on a ventilator, in a quick period of time. Other ingredients to steer clear of include Vegetable Glycerin, Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. Although they are FDA approved for consumption or ingested – they pose a risk when inhaled.

Lastly, because fake THC cartridges are not going through the testing normally required for retail sales, the flower used for minimal amounts of cannabis, may be tainted too. There are a number of pesticides and contaminants that can be found in unkempt or low quality cannabis gardens, that should not be consumed and can cause a number of risks themselves.

List Of Fake THC Vape Cartridges

If you need additional assistance to steer clear from fake or harmful THC vape cartridges, we’ve got a list for you. But be aware – some fake THC cartridges have been designed to look like legit THC brands and cartridges. To help, check out a few of the well-known fake THC vape cart brands and common counterfeits to avoid, below-

Overall, to avoid fake THC cartridges – trust your instincts, and your vendor. When purchasing your THC cartridges from a retail or online store, use these tips to decipher real from fake. Hail Mary Jane is a trusted source for all-natural and real THC cartridges to decide upon. Check out our THC cartridge page now, and you’ll know you’re getting the real deal.

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