HMJ Tests the Pax2 Vaporizer

pax 2 review

The secret test kitchen here at Hail Mary Jane had the chance to review the Pax2 vaporizer. We love to fly new gear.


The Unveiling
pax9 The experience of opening a new device speaks volumes about the device itself. The Pax2 box displays the device like a little work of art. Framed by a white border, the brushed metal vape is so simple and pretty let’s pause and enjoy the image for a minute before unpacking. Not that there is much to unpack — USB charging dock with connector and a cleaning kit. There is an alternative mouthpiece; I like the mouthpiece it comes with.

The directions: Remove magnetic lid (from the oven), Fill oven, Power on, Enjoy Pax. That’s all. This is a wonderfully easy vaporizer to use. It is a dried plant-material vape — not designed for waxes or oils. It’s nice we have specialized tools.

Learning the Device

The bowl, located at the bottom of the device, is deep and holds an adequate amount of vaping material. The magnetic door opens easily while still fitting snugly after filling. Nothing spills even though the bowl is inverted when the Pax2 is being used. No screen is provided but I don’t really see a need for one. pax4

The mouthpiece is flush with the top of the device. A sensor keeps it from getting too hot when your lips make contact. That’s a nice touch.

The Pax2 turns on with a quick press on the center of the mouthpiece. Hold that hidden switch down to change the heat setting. The LED lights tell you which heat level you have selected, and the green light comes on when your chosen temperature is reached. Lay the vape down and it goes to sleep saving both battery and smoking material. Pick it up and it returns to the desired temperature in a snap.

pax1 This little vape fits in your hand, disappears when you close your fingers, and fits easily into pocket or purse. It is lightweight while still feeling solid. The Pax2 is a well built tool.

The Experience

The first draw on any new vaporizer sets a tone for the relationship you will have with the device. If you have to suck out a lung looking for that first hit the vape has a problem. The initial draw on the Pax2 is like a first kiss, and a good one at that. I think this is the easiest initial draw off any vape I have ever used. That’s a huge plus. The engineers allowed an adequate air passage between bowl and mouthpiece. Not every vape gets this right — the Pax2 does.

I Would Have Liked

A small card in the packaging explaining how to change the temperature on the device. Plus (red face) some instruction on the promised “games” associated with the LED. Watching lights? Alien communication? I shall keep looking.

This would make a wonderful first vaporizer. If you vape marihuana flowers you will want to meet the Pax2. Until the PAX 3 came out, it was the best vaporizer for weed on the market.

HMJ Tests the Pax2 Vaporizer
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