Medical Edible: Kush Cake Pops (Product Review)

medical edible

Name: Kush Cake Pop

Type: Cannabis Edible – 111MG THC

Website(s): Instagram – @kushcakepops Twitter – @KushCakePops Facebook – Kushkakery

Rating: A

Overview: A “Kush Cake Pop” is marijuana infused cake on a stick with an outer frosting shell covered in sprinkles. They come in a variety of flavors from Blue Dream, Purple Haze, Strawberry Cough, and Chocolate Thai to name a few. The label states they are 2-4 doses per cake pop making it great treat to share with a friend but to be honest I usually eat one myself.

Personal Comments:

Kush Cake Pops are one of my favorite edibles. They always do the trick whether I’m enjoying them recreationally or medicinally for muscle pain and other aches. In general, they taste great but I love the Blue Dream & Chocolate Thai. There’s also no weedy aftertaste that you often get with other cannabis edibles. The Kush Cake Pops team are all extremely friendly, helpful and true marijuana supporters. In my opinion having a good team is as important as having a good product and luckily they’ve got both.” – Semi

“The whole weed cake thing? I’m totally with it. The icing and the cake is so good that it’s like a little weed surprise. You get a pretty woozy, loopy body high, but at the same time you feel good and in the game.”Wiz Khalifa via RollingStone

Medical Edible: Kush Cake Pops (Product Review)
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