Netflix Genetix of Marijuana


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Apparently the Silicon Valley aren’t the only kings of American genetics when it comes to marijuana – Netflix is the next strain producer on the market. And the idea isn’t just to get you high. It’s to engage you more with their original television series. Once upon a time they were just engaging marijuana enthusiasts with funny TV shows but apparently Green is the new black.

Everybody wants a piece of the flowering marijuana industry and I can see why. As one of the most promising industries of the USA, it is as valuable as Hollywood. And let’s be honest, it costs less to grow weed than it does to pay a Hollywood star. So Netflix is bringing you its own original series of marijuana strains, designed specifically to help you engage more with what’s going on on your television screen.

The Netflix Collection

Netflix Marijuana
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This brand new collection of strains will vary in their effects. Poussey Riot is the strain that has been cultivated for the purpose of watching Orange Is The New Black. This strain is ideal for “kicking it” according to Netflix. It should put you in a talkative mood with your friends. I don’t know exactly how that engages you with the TV – but perhaps that’s a good thing!

Arrested Development gave birth to Banana Stand Kush, which Netflix said would inspire a “big yellow joint” – whatever that means. Yellow, green orange! Who knows which color is the new black? In any case, a joint of pure Banana Stand Kush should get you laughing along with the characters of Arrested Development.

Netflix has released much more than these two strains, including Peyotea 73, grown to enjoy with Grace and Frankie. It is a sativa hybrid, which they hope will get you stuck into the drama of this Netflix show. Other TV shows that have inspired new strains are Bojack Horseman and Lady Dynamite. Oh, and there’s that cannibal comedy show called the Santa Clara Diet. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to take up the Santa Maria diet, which of course, includes nothing but smoking bongs. Cannibalism and weed? Sounds like something that ought to get your mouth salivating!

“Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone,” Netflix said in a press release. “For example, sillier shows may be more indica dominant, whereas dramaedies will be more sativa dominant to help the more powerful scenes resonate.”

Not for mail sale!

Unfortunately, the US government prohibits Netflix from setting up an online shop through their program. Wouldn’t that be ideal for stoners? The first sale took place at a popup event in West Hollywood between 25-27 of August, and was only available to medical marijuana card holders. I daresay it won’t be long until Netflix finds a way to bypass nanny laws so that you can order your weed while you’re watching your favorite TV series.

As much as weed is definitely industry, Netflix swears that they did not intend to make any money from the sale of these strains. In fact, it is the Californian dispensary that they teamed up with which make all the money from sales. It was just an attempt at a promotional campaign. But over a hundred jars were sold at the pop-up dispensary, coming to around a pound of weed in total.

Who knows when Netflix will team up with the world of ganja again. There’s weed for headaches and there’s weed for working – but now there’s weed for watching your favourite TV show. It must be the most personalized plant on the planet!

Netflix Genetix of Marijuana
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