New York Has A New Vape Shop You Should Know About

NY Vape Shop

Looking for a vaporizer in new york?

Today’s media waves are saturated with the news of cannabis legislature across the nation. With change brings opportunity, and those with the means and foresight are taking advantage to be at the head of the “Green Rush” that is sweeping the nation. One such pioneer in the vaporizer industry is the NY Vape Shop. The NY Vape Shop is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the states and globally. The parent company has been manufacturing consumer products for the past seven years and about three years ago they stumbled across a vaporizer and loved it. What they didn’t love was the price. So they set out on a mission to deliver the same high-quality vaporizers but at more affordable prices. For the past three years, they have been using their experience and know-how to design, manufacture and sell quality vaporizer products. With production facilities already in place and co-founders situated globally, NY Vape Shop has been able to pass huge savings on to all of their customers. If you’re looking for the best vaporizer for weed check them out!


Since the beginning, NY Vape Shop’s main mission has been to achieve and maintain quality at every level of the company. From the manufacturing of their products down to the customer service, they exude excellence. They work tirelessly to address any question or concern and will not rest until their customers are satisfied. They define top-notch customer service that will impress anyone. In addition, the company heavily invests in R&D to quickly improve current products and innovate new ones that keep up with consumer interests (Check out their MicroVapes). The systems and efforts put in place allow NY Vape Shop to provide quality, affordable products that are tailored to what consumers demand. If that doesn’t prove devotion to their patrons, they provide free shipping for all of their products!


The cannabis culture that has been sweeping eastward ever since Colorado altered their legislature has started to trickle into the East Coast. Cities like New York still have a fair distance to go before complete legalization, but that has not stopped the culture from putting down roots. Music festivals, cannabis competitions and companies, such as NY Vape Shop, are beginning to pop up and educate the masses of what the future may hold for the East Coast.


NY Vape Shop offers top-of-the-line vaporizer products for dry herbs, wax concentrates, and liquids oils. They have a huge selection of vape models, countless accessories and over 400 color combination choices. In addition to the vaporizer products, they have a fantastic selection of domeless nails and other similar types of dab accessories.


NY Vape Shop is at the forefront of the vaporizing scene and is winning over more and more fans with each passing day. With their tireless devotion to quality over quantity, customer satisfaction and pride in manufacturing their own brand name products, NY Vape Shop is a premier online shop for all of your vaporizing needs. With more innovation and production on the way, HMJ is very excited to see what they come out with next. Out of their selection, we recommend the G Pen Pro if you’re looking for a dry herb vape.

New York Has A New Vape Shop You Should Know About
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