Smoke Network Launches Blockchain Based Cannabis Social Network

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Users tired of popular social media sites who love to smoke may have a new way to get their social media fix.

A blockchain company called Smoke Network is set to launch a new online social network run on a blockchain. Similar to Bitcoin, Smoke Network is a decentralized application that allows data to to be stored safely without the chance of it being tampered with. The main difference is that instead of being used as a store of value or a currency, SMOKE, the Smoke Networks native coin, will function to reward users for their contributions to the social network.

Users on Smoke Network will be able to earn SMOKE by posting original content that gets upvoted  and by curating and upvoting high quality content on the network. By combining traditional social media with the benefits of the blockchain, users benefit from greater freedom from censorship as well as rewards for the content they produce.

Traditional social media companies mine users data and user their content for their own benefit without using seeing any of the social networks real value. On Smoke Network, the network itself rewards users for their contributions based on the number and quality of upvotes that content receives.

This puts the power in the hands of the community itself instead of a self-serving corporation. Rewards can be stored in an onsite wallet or transferred away from the site.

Marijuana and social media corporations have also had a rocky past with countless legal marijuana pages being banned despite their legal status. Due to government and political influence real world businesses are hurt. Recently even celebrities such as Jim Carrey have called for users to delete Facebook due to their involvement in running Russian paid ads during the 2016 presidential election.

On Smoke Network the nature of the blockchain means that content cannot be censored or blocked by any outside authority, solving a problem that many rising marijuana business suffer from in the light of rising global call for legalization and resistance from conservative parties. In addition the free nature of the network will always put users interests first over advertising revenue and blind profits.

The Smoke Network team are experienced in the online cannabis social media community being the founders of 420Smokers a popular Facebook community of over half a million users. Through direct experience with the passion of the cannabis community they strongly believe they have what it takes to create a better vision for social media of the future.

A prototype version of their upcoming site can be found at

The team claim features of Smoke Network will be based off popular social media sites as with a ton of new innovations based on the specific needs of the marijuana community including strain and dispensary reviews.

If you’re interested in getting paid to light up, visit their website and be sure to sign up as they are giving away free coins to kickstart the network!


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Smoke Network Launches Blockchain Based Cannabis Social Network
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