Smokers Etiquette 101

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Smoking with your friends is always a fun occasion. It’s a time that you guys get to smoke, chill, relax and zone out. As long as everyone follows the rules, it is a good time for all. When people start breaking the rules they start to become one of the few people that no one wants to smoke with. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.

Shout outs to all of my twitter friends for helping me out with these suggestions. Love those guys. Here are the official Hail Mary Jane rules of etiquette while smoking.

  1. Rollers Rights – The person who rolls the joint/blunt lights it.
  2. Whoever brought the bud gets next.
  3. Always pass to the left.
  4. puff, puff, pass
  5. Bogarting is hanging on the joint for too long and is a big no no. This is a serious breach of etiquette.
  6. If you drop the blunt, you lose your turn.
  7. If when smoking, someone asks for a sip of your drink, you must give them some, dry mouth is horrible and tortuous.
  8. If you ask for a sip of someone’s drink, take only that and NOT a gulp.
  9. Always carry a roach clip.
  10. (Optional but nice) bring a bowl to put in on itblunt
  11. If you’re choking, you need to pass it. You should either be puffing or passing when you have the blunt.
  12. Never be stingy with weed, you never know who will be there to save u when ur smokeless.
  13. Never ask to smoke someone elses weed, they’re most likely going to share if they know you smoke, stoners are nice
  14. If you are going to a cipha do not come empty handed. Sponsor something, even if its only roll ups.
  15. If you’re breaking it up, make sure you take out all the sticks and seeds.
  16. If a good friend runs out of weed and you have some spare, give it to him and he in turn will reciprocate in your time of need.
  17. No wet mouth! It’s very impolite to get the end of the joint wet with saliva.

Did I miss anything?

Smokers Etiquette 101
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