Tainted Tuesdays: Chronic Hash Hard Candy


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What’s good Greenies and welcome to another tasty Tainted Tuesday from me. This week I’m going to show you how to make the ULTIMATE STEALTH treat…CHRONIC HARD CANDY. This request came in from Greenie Doc Chronic, a follower on our Facebook page. Thanks for chiming in Doc. Hash hard candy is probably one of the most difficult edibles to make, so when you attempt to make this candy DO IT WHILE YOU ARE NOT STONED!!! Trust me Greenies, it will be easier if you smoke as soon as you finish; you don’t wanna burn the fuck out of yourselves with HOT ASS CANDY. It is no bueno. I’ve fucked this recipe up the first two times I’ve made it so please remember that practice makes perfect. Try making it the first time without using Hash oil, just so you get the hang of making hard candy. Hard candy is very inexpensive to make, so it won’t be a big deal making a batch without hash. Also, you must use HASH OIL. BHO works very well. You cannot use cannabutter, you cannot use bubble hash. Sorry, it just doesn’t turn out right; hash oil or BHO is really the only way. I’ll do a tutorial on how to make your own Hash Oil soon, but for now, check out the recipe below.

What We’ll Need:

  • candy flavoring (edible extracts like Cherry, Watermelon, Orange, etc) try to avoid Cinnamon cause it tastes like shit
  • 3/4 cup light corn syrup
  • 2 cups of white sugar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 4 grams hash oil
  • food coloring (optional)
  • cooking spray
  • 1 c. powdered sugar

Special equipment needed: a metal pot, a candy thermometer (the kind with a metal clip on it for pots is nice), a wooden spoon with a flat edge for scraping and 6-8 candy molds. Candy molds can be found at just about any hobby store for no more than $1.00 each and they are reusable.


Take the candy molds and lay them out in a row. You want them ready to go because you will have to work fast when you’re pouring melted, hot candy into them. Hot candy hardens very very fast. Lightly spray the molds with cooking spray and pat them down with a paper towel.

  1. Put the white sugar in the pot, then add the light corn syrup and water.
  2. Turn the burner to “high heat”
  3. Mix the sugar, syrup, and water with the wooden spoon until consistent.
  4. Add the candy thermometer and clip it on. IMPORTANT: Don’t have the bottom of the thermometer touch the bottom of your cooking pot.
  5. The sugar will start to boil.
  6. At about 200F add in the 4 grams of Hash Oil. Mix this VERY well into the sugar. Be careful not to get the raw oil on the wooden spoon as you will loose some of it onto the spoon. I do this by mixing around the oil until it mixes with the sugar a bit.
  7. Keep heating this up until you reach about 250-270F (soft crack). It should read “Soft Crack” on your thermometer.
  8. Pull the pot off the hot stove onto a non-used burner.
  9. Add 2 tsp of your candy flavor.
  10. Add about 3-5 drops of food coloring of your choice.
  11. Mix this up thoroughly for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Now you are ready to pour the hot candy into the molds. Be sure to use a good hot pad to hold the handle on your pot. The pot might start feel heavy in your hand and also start to feel hot. Be prepared to work quickly.

  1. Start pouring the hot candy into the molds. Don’t over pour. Its better to put less then you think and then come back in 10 seconds and add more if needed.
  2. Keep pouring until you have used all the candy in the pot.
  3. At some point, no candy will come out of the pot, but there is a lot of candy still left in there. Now take the wooden spoon and scrape that candy out while it’s still hot. I like to get everything. With what comes out I just use my hands to mold bastard looking candies. Hey, they still work just as good. Just not beautiful.

Now let everything sit for at least 10-20 minutes. You can put these molds into the freezer to speed up the cooling.

Once the candy is cool, take a plate or bowl and put the powdered sugar in it. Take each candy mold and push out the candy into the bowl with the powdered sugar. The idea is to rub the candy with your hands with the powdered sugar. We do this so that the candy doesn’t stick to each other when you store it. As the candy gets rubbed with sugar, you can now put it into a ziplock or any other storage container you like.

BOOM. You’ve got some muh fuggin Chronic Candies.


This candy usually takes effect between 15-30 minutes of consuming it…fast!!! It also lasts about as long as normal edibles (4-6 hours). Please always test small doses first before getting in over your head. The candy has a very long shelf life. You may find that you end up with tons of the shit once you get the knack for making it. Please make sure to store your candy in a safe place like a combination safe. It would be terrible if anyone got a hold of these candies and didn’t know what they were.

Shouts out to my man Herborizer over at IC for this dank-ass tried and true recipe. It’s people like you who spread this great knowledge and allow me to keep our Greenies informed.


Tainted Tuesdays: Chronic Hash Hard Candy
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