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Have you ever wondered how to get THC out of your system?

You may have if you’ve ever had a drug test or have one coming up. Or maybe if you’ve just been hoping to get a weed detox to recharge yourself.

THC Detox

Well, there is no sure-fire method that works perfectly, except one.

But you’re not going to like it.

Cannabis is notorious for being difficult to eliminate quickly from your body. So any marijuana detox program will be challenging.

Anecdotes and other “evidence” of methods that work can be found anywhere. The problem is that many of those are ineffective, risky, and/or dangerous to your health.

Take heart, though. Some tricks do work to speed up the weed detox process safely and effectively, though, again, none of them is perfect.

What Is a THC Detox?

A marijuana detox, or THC detox, is a regimen designed to eliminate traces of cannabis from your system. Many people have to do this in order to pass a drug test, such as for a job, while others do it simply to take a break and recharge one’s batteries.

Regardless of the reason, abstinence is the best way to do this. (We warned you that you wouldn’t like it).

Yet, it works. If you don’t consume cannabis for an appropriate amount of time, you can successfully have a complete THC detox of your system. It takes time, though.

The process might not be simple for everyone, though, as a detox for weed is unique to each person. Factors determining this include your frequency of use, the amount you ingest, the methods you use to consume, your body mass and makeup, and more.

A marijuana detox could have side effects, as well, which can range from mild to unpleasant, especially for heavy and/or medical consumers. Some of these include:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased appetite

However, it’s not entirely clear whether these are symptoms of withdrawal or the return of the pain or condition for which the cannabis was originally being taken.

Before taking a look at how to approach a marijuana detox, let’s clarify the issue of how THC long sticks around after consumption.

How Long Does THC Stay in My Body?

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THC has a half-life of 7 days. So, in a week, the amount of the psychoactive chemical still left in your body is halved. A week later, that remaining amount will be halved again. And it continues until all traces are gone.

If you use infrequently – say, once or twice a month – THC could be gone from your system in a week or less. If you use daily, by comparison, THC can remain in your system for weeks, even months.

Many factors contribute to this rate of dissipation – how often you consume, how much you consume, your body makeup, metabolism, diet, and more.

Because THC is fat-soluble, it is stored in your fatty tissue, from which THC is constantly being sent into your bloodstream. Evidence also shows that any process that burns fat causes THC to re-enter your bloodstream.

This is why so many detox programs don’t work. THC needs time to be eliminated naturally, so a marijuana detox could take time.

The Type of Test Matters in a THC Detox

There are various types of tests that can detect the amount of cannabis and THC left in your system. To naturally detox yourself, the following tests have certain windows of time during which you should abstain from use:

  • For a blood test: 2-7 days to abstain
  • For a saliva test:  2-7 days
  • For a hair test:  90 days
  • For a urinalysis:  3 to 77 days*

*It should be noted that for those who partake only 1-4 times a month, it’s possible that a natural THC detox can take 10-30 days)

How Much THC Is in My Body?

If you’re going to detox for weed, there are a few factors that influence the amount of time it takes to complete a weed detox program. These include:

  • Your metabolism – is it fast or slow?
  • Exercise frequency – the more often, the better
  • BMI (Body mass index) – because THC is stored in fat cells, the more body fat, the more THC is stored, and the longer it takes to be eliminated
  • Your daily consumption rate – is it daily? 1-2x a week? 1-2x a month?
  • Cannabis potency – if vaping or smoking flower, what’s the THC percentage? If you’re doing edibles, how many milligrams do ingest per day?
  • The amount of cannabis consumed – do you smoke or consume regularly from morning to night? Once a day? Not at all?

How To Detox THC? Best Marijuana Detox Methods That Work Quickly

If you’ve been looking for the answer of how to get weed out of your system fast, then the following might be for you.

However, keep in mind that no one responds to a given marijuana detox program the same, so you’ll want to pay attention to how your body reacts to or how you feel about any THC detox method you try.

Don’t put yourself in a desperate situation that might tempt you to use risky or even dangerous methods, though. Play it cautious and use safe, natural materials.

Let’s take a look at six common weed detox methods that not only work but also work quickly.

Fruits, Greens, Fiber, and Liquids

The more you use the bathroom, even to urinate or have a bowel movement, the faster THC can be eliminated from your system.

Accordingly, a high-fiber diet is one of the most effective ways to fully finish a THC detox. That’s why fruits and vegetables, particularly leafy greens, are so good for you. Pectin is prevalent in many fruits and vegetables, and it’s a good fiber for cleaning out your digestive tract. Lots of fruits, as well as plenty of liquids, also cause you to urinate often.

In addition to fiber, it’s good to eat foods or take supplements with vitamin B (particularly niacin), magnesium, psyllium husk, and activated charcoal (this can be helpful after eating an edible but won’t help you detox from already-digested THC that remains in your fat cells).

Exercise (Although It’s Not Quite That Simple)

One one hand, exercise is one of the best ways possible to successfully undergo a THC detox, as physical exertion burns the fat cells where the THC is stored. So, if you have at least a week before a drug test, exercise can help you flush your system.

Since, as mentioned earlier, THC is re-released into your blood as you burn fat cells, it’s recommended that you NOT exercise 24-48 hours before a test. One study indicated that exercising could raise concentrations of THC in your blood plasma by as much as 15%.

Although it’s not clear if or how this affects the results of a drug test, skipping a workout for the final day or two prior to you test is highly recommended.

Just don’t discard your healthful habits and routines.

THC Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are among the most popular ways of a marijuana detox and the subsequent passing of a drug test. They usually come in 3-day, 5-day, and 10-day programs and are designed remove toxins from your body and dilute your urine.

There are plenty of brands on the market that are effective and safe. Some work better than others, but each person is affected differently, so you should do your due diligence in finding the right brand for you.

In general, you’ll have to start a drink program in enough time before the test to complete it fully.

The Dilution Solution

Maybe people are under the misconception that dilution merely flushes THC from your system. While that is true, dilution is also making sure you’ve covered all your bases before your urine drug test.

For example, as soon as you learn that you’ll be submitting to a urinalysis, start flooding your system with water to flush your system and facilitate the weed detox process. It’s a simple method that can be effective, though results are not consistent from person.

It’s a delicate balance, however. If your urine appears to be too diluted – yes, it can become over-diluted – it’s likely you’ll fail the drug test. This is why some drug test veterans say that B vitamins are necessary because they help make your urine appear less diluted from flooding your system with water.

To increase your chances of passing the drug test, here’s an OG touch that you might not know about: once you’ve completed your dilution method preparations, during your test, don’t collect urine samples from the beginning of your urine stream or at the end when you finish. Collect it midstream, THC concentrations are invariably higher both when you start to pee and when you end it.

The Benefits of Fruit Pectin

As mentioned earlier, fruit has pectin, which is a fiber that rids your digestive tract of waste products. It’s also used in jams and jellies to provide their familiar consistency.

Using a method featuring fruit pectin is an easy DIY weed detox method for urine, blood, or saliva tests. In this method, people usually mix a small packet of fruit pectin with a drink heavy on electrolytes a few hours before the test. The idea is that it will force you to have a bowel movement, which will remove the THC from your system.

Although it can be effective for infrequent or irregular users, it’s not usually so for heavy users.


There is still much debate to this because, while no evidence shows that sweat will help with a THC detox, trace amounts of THC can be found in sweat. In fact, it can be detected in a sweat test of a heavy user for up to seven days after consumption.

One of the best ways to sweat is sitting in a sauna, which has long been considered an effective, healthy way of overall detoxification. Studies indicate that regular sauna use can help reduce or even eliminate the accrual of harmful substances like lactic acid, uric acid, and sodium.

Several studies show that a combination of repeated sauna use and therapy with plenty of B vitamins, exercise, and liquids can help eliminate toxins and traces from your body enough for you to pass a drug test.

It’s important to keep hydrated if you use this method. Losing sweat also depletes your hydration levels, which can lead to other issues. So drink plenty of fluids, including water and coconut water (or other electrolyte drinks) after being in the sauna.

Effective THC Detox Methods (That Aren’t So Quick)

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If you’ve got weeks or months to prepare for a marijuana drug test, then natural ways of detoxing will be your best, safest, most effective methods from which to choose.

Abstain from Use

The best marijuana detox method, period. It is the longest – you need 30-90 days, depending on your given circumstances.

But abstaining is, by far, the best, most complete method. If you completely halt all of your cannabis consumption, you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Drink More Tea

As you continue your abstinence program, add tea to your daily routine. If you drink tea daily, particularly opting for those with lots of antioxidants or liver-cleansing properties, such as milk thistle or dandelion.

Not only is tea simple and effective, but it’s also enjoyable.

Alter Your Mindset and Reduce Your Stress

You may immediately think this is impossible if one of the main reasons for your cannabis consumption is to relieve depression or anxiety. How can you reduce stress when your best method is unavailable to you?

One way is to simply change your mindset. To help with this, try other stress-relieving methods, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. This could be vital, as weed detox often makes people irritable.

Another way may mean simply taking on fewer responsibilities than you normally do, as if you’re on an extended mini-vacation.

However, if your anxiety and/or depression are considered clinical, maybe therapy with a trusted professional is the best way.

Regardless of what you choose, nurturing yourself is very important. Often, a marijuana detox program gives you clarity in your life and can be an overall healthy journey.

Avoid the “Quick Fix” Weed Detox (Remember: It Usually Means Neither “Quick” Nor “Fix”)

Avoid quick fixes or anyone trying to talk you into trying methods that don’t work, are risky, or could cause you health problems.

Here are a few to avoid:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Vinegar
  • Niacin detox
  • Bleach (do not, under any circumstances, ingest bleach)

Pass Your Drug Test Safely with a THC Detox Kit

Although some fast methods of marijuana detox are effective, the best method is a natural detox routine that includes a few other methods.

Yes, it will take longer. But you’ll pass with flying colors – and you’ll do it safely.

Keep this last point in mind. Yes, the reason for the drug test might be important for your career or in supporting your family, but your health should remain more important.

We recommend not doing anything that takes care of the here and now yet also puts your future in jeopardy.

Weed Detox and How to Get THC Out of Your System
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