The 20 Hottest #GirlsWhoSmokeWeed On Instagram I’ve Found (So Far)

So if you haven’t already noticed, instagram has become one of the hottest social media apps over the last year and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. It was recommended for me to get an account for #HMJ a few months ago but I took my sweet time really getting into it. Now it has officially hijacked my iPhone!

I can’t believe how many beautiful women who smoke weed are on there. There are a lot of artistic, creative, thought provoking images as well but DAMN there are a lot of hotties on there. I’ve only been on there a few months but here are some of the coolest, down to earth and bad ass hotties I’ve found on there. All of these girls have already shown that they are loyal greenies so you should definitely follow them if you are on instagram and if you are not on there yet then catch up. Instagram is gonna be a PROBLEM in 2012.


One of the first really cool stoner chicks to follow me on instagram. She was already a mary jane of the moment once. According to her she’s malicious and delicious but BACK OFF! Only her man @brentlife would be able to verify if this is in fact true.

She is hot though….


Either she uses a rolling machine or she rolls perfect joints EVERY SINGLE TIME. Either way, she can roll em for me.


It is hard for me to believe someone this fly lives in Canada. Don’t hold that against her. I have a huge crush on this blunt rolling, french inhaling, ring in the cheek having hottie right now. Canada though???


IG boss. Enough said. Super cool chick too that always has the hennessy on deck. What up, g!


She claims to be a jet miss who sticks to the script. Yet to be verified but she has some dope pics!


Not only is Amanda Panda ultra geeky girl cute but she just happens to be one of the coolest, most smily, most fun seeming people I have seen on instragram. She showed HMJ love from day one. Would love to blaze one with her one day, or two.


Vanatei is an awesome up and coming artist who has been featured on HMJ before (more than once). Make sure you are following her everywhere!


Very cute, very creative young lady who always has a smile on her face.


It seems like all this her days are filled with copping jordans and bong rips. Sounds like my kinda gal.


She likes dogs, bud and tats. What else do you need in life?


Another one of my original followers. She is awesome and is ALWAYS hitting bongs. Not complaints here.


Really cool fan from the pacific northwest who isn’t shy about showing her loyalty to #HMJ. She gets major points in my book for that. MAKE SURE you follow her.


Jaclyn is from the bay. Despite her name being JustJaclyn, she also posts lots of pics of friends, her outfits and of course bud. Invite everyone!


Chi town shorty who blows tremendous smoke clouds. Why are you not already following her again???


She is so cute. She is tatted up, pierced and smokes hella weed. She belongs on suicide girls but for now HMJ will have her.


She wakes and bakes and instagrams everyday. I can’t tell if she is Asian or just really high.


VA chick that smokes. She is a blond beauty and she looks kinda innocent but she reminds you why looks can be deceiving.


Hot girl. Hot screen name. I love the way she french inhales.


This one has lungs of steel. Doubt you have seen bigger clouds anywhere.


Living the high life.

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The 20 Hottest #GirlsWhoSmokeWeed On Instagram I’ve Found (So Far)
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